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Managing thousands of reviews

With Qandle 360 degree feedback system, you can manage thousands of employees all at once with its review workflow, which is fully scalable. A click of a button allows you to administer the entire nomination, assessment, and calibration process quickly and easily.

Employees will appreciate your efforts to simplify the review process

A review cycle can already be stressful for working people. To simplify this process and save them from the hassle, the best you can do is reduce the complexity. A review form will be provided to your employees at the touch of a button and will feature an intuitive design to ensure flexibility.

The focus should be on people, not processes, for managers

Using the bird's eye view dashboard, managers can see all team member evaluation forms and rate them on one page. Furthermore, they will be able to view the entire feedback history. Getting information from years ago is no longer a hassle.

Employees can request feedback from their peers or managers

Offer your employees the choice of choosing people they've worked with during review. With Qandle's 360-degree feedback tool, nobody will miss out on giving or receiving feedback. Keeping transparency and mutual trust within the company requires your managers to approve stakeholders.

Check your goals and competencies, or create a questionnaire of your own

Using Qandle's 360-degree feedback software, it is easy to evaluate your employees' skills, abilities, and behaviors based on 360-degree feedback. Include your objectives and key results in the analysis with the help of available templates, or create your own (questionnaires, multiple choice questions, etc.).

Performance, potential, or promotion review

Whether you are conducting your review for one outcome or more than one, different purposes do not require you to follow separate procedures. During the evaluation process, you can identify the criteria needed to qualify for a promotion or a raise.

Performance bands are assigned based on ratings

Ratings alone are not sufficient. Using the performance bands, managers can provide individuals with the growth and development opportunities they seek based on their current assessment cycle state. It is vital for everyone, including top performers, to have a comprehensive plan in place so that they can stay at the top.

Analyses rich in data

Get detailed reports with actionable data on the dashboard. As a result of our analytics algorithm, your managers will have an easier time assessing their team with the necessary data, knowledge, and tools for a more constructive evaluation

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Qandle: A software tool for employee feedback that builds higher employee

With Qandle, you can streamline and automate performance reviews, manage goals, and incorporate 360-degree feedback seamlessly. In addition to improving the team development process, 360 feedback can help you advance your career and communication skills. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy for administrators and managers to perform performance reviews efficiently and effectively.

Qandle assists employees in developing their skills and improving their performance. A 360-degree review tool helps guide your people positively through holistic evaluations.

The Qandle feedback process allows you to include external reviewers such as customers. As part of Qandle 360 review software, you can collect internal and external feedback to boost your business.

Establish rules for selecting reviewers and create a list of reviewers with Qandle. Identifying the number of reviewers eligible to review the piece is essential - senior, peer, and junior.

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Qandle: A software tool for employee feedback that builds higher employee values

Transform the stage to send feedback with Qandle 360 Degree Feedback

Develop a culture of continuous improvement with Qandle feedback software solutions that are well-structured and productive. With multi-rater unbiased assessment tools, you can better understand an employee's performance and behavior. With the Qandle 360 feedback process, people can find out where their flaws lie and improve them.

The Qandle solution is easy to use and features multiple configuration and customization options to meet each customer's unique requirements. A wide range of customization options are available, including feedback plans, reviewer lists, rating scales, workflows, and comment options, among others. Using Qandle, you can create and store multiple 360-form templates configured to meet your specific needs. Create multiple form attributes with the flexibility of a single form.

Using the Qandle 360-degree feedback tool, you can gain insights into employee performance and behavior. Use Qandle's multiple-rater feedback mechanism to gather anonymous feedback from various individuals, such as managers, peers, subordinates, and direct reports. A balanced view of a leader's performance gives you an insight into their leadership abilities, communication skills, teamwork, and collaborative abilities.

Multi-rater feedback provides insight into how employees see themselves and their performance. Qandle 360-degree feedback software provides insightful dashboards and reports for assessing employee performance. A 360-degree assessment allows employees and their managers to discuss feedback and set specific development goals.

Employee motivation, performance, and HR programs' effectiveness can be determined by using surveys. Qandle is a powerful tool for project managers and team leaders is the ability to create edge-to-edge reports that evaluate their team's strengths and weaknesses.
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Frequently asked

Qandle is your top solution to fulfill all your meeting scheduling needs. Here, we have covered a few essential questions to help you under the software in a better way.

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By using 360-degree feedback software, companies can receive and manage employee feedback from various stakeholders, including managers, peers, leaders, and clients. By utilizing feedback, the organization can create effective employee goals and monitor performance.

Feedback software often involves employees completing surveys and questionnaires about their work to obtain feedback. Additionally, performance reviews and one-on-one meetings can be collected through the application.

360-degree feedback helps identify employees' abilities, performance, behavior, and less-than-ideal attitudes. By doing so, organizations can avoid the threat posed by a single perception. Organizations may want to evaluate individuals from all angles for leadership roles or promotions, but one person's viewpoint may not be enough.

With Qandle 360-degree feedback software, growth-oriented organizations gain a holistic view of their workforce. Qandle will assist you throughout the process, assisting you in reaching the team's goals.

360-degree or multi-rater feedback evaluates an employee's performance from multiple perspectives, such as their manager, peers, reports, etc. As a result, 360-degree feedback is a valuable tool that provides leaders with various perspectives and insights.

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