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Qandle announcement software and

Response and outreach promptly

With the Qandle special announcement feature, your team can be notified of significant announcements and policies. When an announcement is emailed, reaching people is more efficient and faster

Customizing addresses‍

Announcements can be addressed to specific teams depending on their intent. Using this method can save the leaders both time and effort in finding an employee or a specific group of employees who will have no interest in the announcement

Employees respond intuitively

Often, employees respond to personal emails but rarely to extensive company-sized announcements. To enhance this experience, Qandle has created a set of intuitive emoticons to let employees express how the announcement affects them

Simplicity in Announcement Settings

Create customized configurations in the feed, allowing subordinates admin access, such as commenting, polling, and creating announcements

Broadcasting system ready for use

With Qandle, you have a readymade broadcast channel for posting company-wide updates and announcing upcoming events on your schedule

An Announcement to an Achievement

Ensure everyone in your group is informed via your team announcements so that team members are always informed. Keep updated with the latest information and updates by staying connected and up-to-date

Announcing new products

Qandle Announcement software makes your day by keeping your employees and associates posted with the latest products and services. No more chasing each employee for details about the product. Incorporate Qandle Announcement and keep things organized at ease.

Emergency Notification

Qandle Announcement software is not just limited to managing the business end. This comes with capabilities and features allowing your team to hold on to emergency updates, prioritizing the team's health

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Transforms the stage for company announcements with Qandle Announcement

The Qandle announcement software keeps employees and end customers up to date about company and product announcements. We make it easy for you to share business-critical news and updates with everyone and groups of employees based on their location, department, or seniority. You can do it with Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Workplace.

Using Qandle, you can automate follow-ups to ensure all action points are completed and subscribe to other company news.

A Qandle makes it easy for employees to acknowledge company announcements, share important information, and share important updates. With Qandle Announcement, your product announcements can easily be managed and distributed across multiple channels.

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Transforms the stage for company announcements with Qandle Announcement software

Qandle Announcement software: Raise the bar for company updates with ease and

Qandle Announcement software brings wonders to business by keeping you updated with any new announcements and enabling the team to dig deeper into business. Qandle is set to drive the change and set the stage for empowerment, clarity, and transparency within your business process. Give an upper hand to your business growth, making it well organized with Qandle Announcement software.

Utilizing read receipts and acknowledgments effectively encourages people to read and take your announcements seriously. The e-signatures feature allows employees to sign documents for further documentation. As part of its insightful reports, Qandle also helps you identify any workers who have yet to read the announcement so that you can follow up accordingly

The workforce has never been more dependent on mobile devices. Qandle is not just the place to get text messages and email newsletters. It is also a place where employees can access your company directory, org chart, newsfeeds, channel updates, and intranet content from the comfort of their phones

With Qandle, you can turn everyone in your company into loyal brand advocates, promoting products and services and contributing to a more robust company culture. Qandle makes it easy for professionals to share pre-approved company and marketing content on their social networks so they can promote it on their platforms of choice

Qandle allows employees, managers, and third-party auditors to share files easily. With Qandle, employee records can be securely managed online and compliance tracked. Protect employee information, documents, and personnel files.
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With instant notifications, targeted delivery, and feedback mechanisms, Qandle announcement software encourages employee interaction and participation.

Definitely. Besides various customization options, Qandle offer the ability to personalize your announcement with text, images, videos, and other documents.

Integrated with multiple communication tools and HR systems, Qandle software ensures a smooth transition and enhances efficiency.

Qandle place a high priority on security. For your sensitive information, Qandle follow industry standards and comply with privacy regulations to safeguard your data.

Yes, definitely. Utilizing the software, announcements can be scheduled in advance to ensure they are sent to the right departments, teams, or individuals at the right time.

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