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Manage Your Employee Attendance

Our easy-to-use online attendance system allows you to easily manage, collect, and export payroll data from anywhere.

Better Time Tracking

With Qandle's cloud based attendance software, you will have access to real-time data at any time, so you can effectively manage your business's data.

Real-time Analytics

Qandle reporting solutions transform data into valuable, actionable Information. By implementing our attendance software, your organization can manage your business needs proactively and predictably.

Manage Working Hours

The Qandle Attendance Management Software simplifies recording working hours by making it user-friendly and easy to use. Let's say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets and manual entry.

Reduce Inefficiency & Errors

You may configure notifications to alert you when overtime is approaching, punches are missed, or punches are made outside geofenced zones. Our smart attendance management system resolves time card objections promptly and accurately to streamline the payroll process and prevent costly errors.

Centralized Information on the go

With the Qandle Attendance Management system, you can manage multiple Information. With our best attendance software, you have all the employee's information at your fingertips, including all the Personal Information.

Leave Request Management

Employee attendance software lets employees make leave requests right from a smartphone. Based on the decision of the request, employers or managers can apply the same to the end result of payroll.

Remote Tracking

With the Qandle Attendance tracking system, organizations can track employees at different locations. Using our online attendance management system, you can generate reports based on employee attendance at each location, work, and deadlines.

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Introducing On the Go Employee Attendance Management System for all attendance

You can use Qandle's cloud-based online attendance management system to efficiently manage attendance. With Qandle, you can access the requests without restriction from employees or users. The flexible location of the employee attendance management system enables you to access the software from anywhere.

Get the most from our hrms attendance software. Schedule a demo today to learn how our attendance management tool can revolutionize your attendance management process.

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Time tracking

Qandle HR Recruitment software: Introducing the promising future of easy

Qandle is a robust attendance and leave management for managing your employees. Our attendance tracker system is solid and flexible, allowing your business to move on track and succeed.

With the Qandle employee attendance system, you can completely automate this process, thus reducing the time managers and HR professionals must devote to timekeeping. Your organization's managers will be able to focus on more critical tasks, such as resolving time-off disputes, rather than having to spend hours putting together schedules and handling time-off requests.

Keep your employees happy by offering them a transparent and modern way to manage attendance. All your employees need to do is get access to our attendance management system software to view their schedules, track their hours worked, take time off requests, and clock in. Real-time data ensures your teams are paid for every minute on the job.

Choose our attendance management system software to eliminate noncompliance risk by keeping track of hours worked, sick leaves, overtime, and holiday pay accurately. We provide notifications before you make a compliance mistake so that you can correct your course and avoid fines and fees.
Biometric Attendance Software

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Frequently asked

If you are still in doubt about some aspects of our Attendance Management System, we addressed some common queries to allow you to understand the depth of it and stay invested in a world-class online attendance system.

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An automated attendance solution facilitates tracking benefits, job costs, and shift-related reporting. With Qandle's web-based attendance tracking system, you can save valuable time on payroll for your employees and human resources departments. With our daily attendance software, you can maintain accurate payroll reporting and data, which allows you to mitigate the risks associated with compliance regulations.

We understand every business is unique, and everyone wants the best for their business. Hence, Qandle Attendance Management software has enhanced customization capacity that allows you to customize as per your business needs. You can discuss your organization's unique needs and processes with us, and we will help you show the right path.

Using Qandle's leave and attendance management system, your employees won't be able to clock in before they are physically present, as the clocks are fitted with biometric readers. It's important to know that biometric time clocks eliminate buddy punching, one of the most common methods of time theft.

With Qandle online attendance software, you can track and calculate overtime for your employees. This is how you can ensure you comply with labor laws and regulations. The attendance data can also be used as evidence in an audit or litigation.

Yes, companies can use Qandle online attendance tracker software to monitor absences and late arrivals in real time and track early departures. Our online employee attendance monitoring system can assist managers in identifying patterns and solving problems related to employee attendance and improving it. Data-driven decisions and analytics are essential components of our attendance management solution. Contact our attendance experts to learn more about our employee attendance management software.

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