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Qandle is comprehensive, intuitive and highly configurable. Simplify your life as an HR and offer your employees a beautiful best HRMS in gurgaon experience!


All-In-One HR Platform

A single integrated best HRMS in gurgaon platform covering every phase in an employee's lifecycle.


Lightning Fast Implementation

Quick and painless setup within 2 weeks with past employee records and org policies imported.


Fully Configurable

Modify policies, profile fields and workflows to perfectly meet your requirements.


Intuitive and Beautiful

Modern aesthetics, embedded tutorials and FAQs ensure quick adoption and usage.

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Why Qandle HRMS?

In-One best HRMS in gurgaon : A single integrated platform covering every requirement in an employee's lifecycle - from hire to retire.

What is an HRMS? - A Human Resource Management Software ( best HRMS in gurgaon ) or an HRIS/HCMS is a technological solution that helps organizations manage their human capital across their entire lifecycle using a single platform or product. It is a flexible combination of certain dynamic applications and modern technological practices (data security, mobile deployment, AI enabled virtual assistants etc.) which help reduce time, effort and cost of various business activities, especially those related to the HR department.


All-In-One best HRMS in gurgaon Platform

A single integrated platform covering every activity in an employee's lifecycle - from Recruitment to Exit.


Powerful Reporting

WIth intuitive visual dashboards and comprehensive reports. you'll have every single employee's complete information on your fingertips! .


Fully Configurable

Modify policies, profile fields, documents and workflows from scratch to perfectly meet your requirements.


Intuitive and Beautiful

Qandle is built for employees! Modern aesthetics, embedded tutorials and FAQs ensure quick adoption and usage.


Bank Grade Security

Compliant with bank grade security (PCI DSS). End-to-end (SHA-2, 2048-bit) encryption of all transmitted data. ISO 27001:2013 Certified.


Unwavering Focus on the Future

With constant feature releases and product improvements, Qandle is committed to being the most advanced & customer-centric platform in the market.

What else does Qandle offer?



Leave Types

Set up different leave types with different accrual/usage rules for different employees in gurgaon .



Real time feedback

Provide and document regular feedback and updates on individual and team performances. in gurgaon



Record Work from Home in gurgaon

Record Employees work from home productivity seamlessly.

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