Assign Tasks and Manage your remote team while work from home best Remote Working software for software industry in india with Ease!

Assign task and capture productivity while Employees Working from home and manage Employees while remotely working for software industry in india with Qandle!


WFH Task Allotment

Assign tasks to employees working from home.


Share Documents Securely

Share Documents securely with full access control for software industry in india .


Manage Work From Home

Painlessly conduct task management, employees feedbacks, regular updates etc. for employees working from home


Broadcast and Collaboration

Real time notifications and broadcast for entire team even when employees working from home.

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For Managing Employees Work from Home for software industry in india

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Why Qandle RemoteWorking?

best Remote Working Employees for software industry in india Management and Tracking - Create tasks, integrate with existing tracking tools or go completely mobile. Make Remote Working Employees and task management for software industry in india smarter with Qandle!.

What is Remote Working Employees Management Software? - Remote working Employee management software is a crucial tool for measuring the productivity of employees in any organization and keeping a record of their daily tasks in current work from home and Remotely Working employees and teams for software industry in india . Future offices will need a foolproof, automated Remote Working management system for software industry in india that helps them in measuring and ensuring individual performance of employees. Employees Remote Working Management Software will replace traditional methods by automating the process. Remote Working for software industry in india is now directly fetched by integration various tools or by allowing employees to record tasks Remotely for software industry in india through a web portal or a mobile app. Remote working management software is a specially developed application to capture employee Work from home in real-time, manage leaves ,prepare tasks and productivity. Since most organizations now work with remote teams located in different time zones or working from home, a central employee management software is the need of the hour. In addition to recording appropriate data, generating reports and acting on requests is extremely simple with Qandle.


Record Work from Home for software industry in india

Record Employees work from home productivity seamlessly.


Remotely Working Team for software industry in india

Facilitate remotely working team with our mobile Apps.


Task Allotment and Tracking

Painlessly create and allocate employees specific tasks


Real-Time Visibility

Real time graphs and notifications to manage tasks for employees while working form home.


Documents Sharing

Share documents and control who can access the document for software industry in india Share files securely and privately.


Broadcast and Collaboration

Send timely internal communication, as emails, notifications or persistent notices.

What else does Qandle offer?



Easily Record Attendance for software industry in india

Integrate with existing biometric or card swipe machines seamlessly.



Custom career site

Build your own careers site with zero coding



All-In-One best HRMS for software industry in india Platform

A single integrated platform covering every activity in an employee's lifecycle - from Recruitment to Exit.

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More About India City

  • India is a country known for its rich culture and heritage.India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. India is now developing a global hub for Manufacturing, IT and Consulting Sectors. India is also coming up as the SaaS software capital of the world being the origin of many global SaaS organizations. Qandle being an HRMS,HR SaaS company, is also trying to add to this list of global SaaS organizations from India

More About Software Industry

  • The Software & Technology industry frequently attracts top talent from institutions across the country, cutting across functions like IT, Coding and Development, Sales, Operations, HR and so on. One of the key challenges for the Software industries is supporting an increasingly remote workforce while being able to manage a large number of simultaneous projects, which includes understanding the details of the project, tracking people assigned to every project, expenses incurred for every project and so on. With a cloud-based HR solution like Qandle, global deployment is simple and the Timesheets module ensures project management becomes breezy!

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