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"We used a different software before Qandle and were genuinely surprised to learn just how much we were missing out on, especially when it came to automation. A majority of the tasks that Qandle automated for us, we were doing the same tasks manually just months before"

"Best HRMS I have seen (and I have seen quite a few)."

"Qandle is an HR software with a great UX which makes it so much easier for the employees to use it. It has made leave recording, attendance marking, payroll processing and pay slip generation so much more efficient and easy. Most of all, the support of the Qandle team for every query or problem has been incredible and a great help."

"Easy to use and can have a track of all the team members even when not in office. Less of pressure or miscommunication about leaves. Very easy to use."

"When I first spoke to Qandle's team and they explained the product to me, the idea of having much more than just basic functionality was a clean sweep.
The flexibility and customer centric approach that Qandle has shown so far truly makes them stand out from the rest."

"Funny story: when we saw the demo, the first question we asked was how in the world they managed to offer so much at a throwaway price. After our doubts about hidden prices were put to rest, we signed up immediately. Amazing product. Value for money."