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Cutting-edgedigital records management system and

Minimize Paper-Based Processes

Implement feature-rich Qandle records management software to streamline existing back-office workflows and digitally store and retrieve land and vital records. By embracing the full leverage of Qandle record management capabilities, managing crucial has been more convenient than ever.

Comply with regulations

As compliance requirements rise, companies face greater risks with paper-based record keeping. With Qandle digital records management software, your employee data is kept in one central location with real-time workflows, ensuring that reporting and compliance requirements are met.

Reduce redundancy and inaccuracy

With Qandle, you eliminate all the hassles of maintaining employee records in multiple places by keeping them in sync under one roof. Changes/updates made to your platform will be immediately updated by any employee, administrator, or manager, minimizing the risk of duplicate data entry.

Post updates instantly

With Qandle's ultimate online record management system, you can keep track of everyone's birthdays and announcements. Through our solution, you can access the dashboard and stay up-to-date on the organization's activities from your own portal.

Easy for managers to manage everything under one roof

The Qandle records management tool allows Managers to approve and reject requests simply by clicking a button. Within seconds of receiving a response, emails are automatically updated with the updated status.

Store and manage your HR documents

With Qandle automated records management system, upload all the paperwork you need, such as resignation letters, offer letters, ID proofs, etc., without worrying about safeguarding them. The tools you provide your employees enable them to view and upload documents according to the level of access you grant them.

Streamlined Solution for Managing Employee Information

Qandle gives you access to all your employee information from anywhere. To simplify employee record management, centralized cloud storage stores employee data and documents.

Self-service databases save you time

Qandle adds self-service functionality to its record management database, allowing employees to maintain their records. By updating staff's details, you'll save time searching for information later on and updating everyone's records.

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On the go Unified solution to make managing records easier

Using Qandle records management solution, your business can store and manage everything conveniently. With our modern database solution, we place a high priority on business information and employee information. The Qandle record management software simplifies organizing and managing records by bringing all the information together under one roof. With the Qandle record management system software, employee records are updated and added instantly across the platform, improving accuracy, efficiency, and compliance.

We're here to help you manage your records in a way you've never experienced. The Qandle Digital Records Management Software is a revolutionary way to manage your business records. Now is the time to simplify records, boost productivity, and tighten data security.

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Unified solution to make managing records easier

End the journey of paper-based files and bring Qandle records management software into

Organizing files by hand and cluttering storage rooms are things of the past. Invest in an innovative Digital Records Management System to achieve maximum efficiency, security, and convenience. With Qandle Record Management software, you can take records management to the next level.

From the start, Qandle offers customized digital record keeping system. Adding new functionality is easy with the drag-and-drop feature. By incorporating user feedback and adding modules to suit business requirements, you can implement changes that meet business needs.

With an easy-to-use employee records management software, you can access important information at your fingertips. With Qandle's reporting tools, you can take action based on accurate and robust information about your employees.

Employees are the backbone of any organization. With the Qandle hr records management software, your business will experience an immediate boost in efficiency when employees have access to a range of features to streamline their daily tasks.

Qandle allows employees, managers, and third-party auditors to share files easily. With Qandle, employee records can be securely managed online and compliance tracked. Protect employee information, documents, and personnel files.

With Qandle human resource records management system, your workflows become more automated, and you become more productive. Manage HR documents with minimal human intervention by classifying, archiving, and routing them securely and accurately. Concentrate your efforts on people and strategy rather than paperwork.
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We have added some common questions to address your concerns regarding the Qandle records management tool.

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With Qandle software, you can manage documents with advanced technology automation and seamlessly integrate them. Our software is designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses for managing records without compromising on technological innovation.

Yes, absolutely! Customization is a key feature of Qandle software. Our end to end management solution allows you to manage full fledged workflow, access permissions, and retention policies can all be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Yes, definitely! With Qandle cloud records management software, your documents are accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. Business travel and remote work scenarios benefit greatly from this flexibility.

Qandle security protocols include multiple-factor authentication, advanced encryption, and continuous security updates. Using our software, you can rest assured your records are secure from unauthorized access.

All sizes of businesses can benefit from Qandle software. Whatever the size of your organization, Qandle solution can be scaled and adapted to meet your specific needs.

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