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One place to view all departures

Qandle employee offboarding software lets you manage your entire offboarding process from one location. Employers and departing employees can approve or reject resignation requests from the same site.

Make compliance and security a thing of the past

Business leaders and IT professionals face compliance concerns every day. The Qandle solution automates security restrictions and delegated property collection responsibilities, ensuring compliance with clear offboarding process checklists

Security-focused employee offboarding software

Stay up-to-date on ever-changing regulations. Using Qandle onboarding and offboarding software, compliance tasks are automated, necessary documents are generated, and confidential information is protected, reducing legal risks

Calculate final salaries automatically

Don't use your calculator! Leaver's pay, including bonuses and annual leave, is automatically calculated with one integrated HR & Payroll system, allowing you to spend more time with them before they leave

Offboarding is made easy with software

Qandle can simplify the exit process and reduce stress by answering common questions and eliminating follow-up calls. Employee offboarding solution keeps everything streamlined and adds convenience to offboarding

Automate offboarding reminders

When your to-do list grows, offboarding employees can be easy to overlook because so many minor but essential tasks are involved. Qandle employee offboarding software ensures compliance, security, and thoughtful worker exit

Managing exits efficiently

Employees who decide to leave often experience anxiety regarding their final paychecks, benefits coverage, and what comes next. Qandle off boarding process reduces stress and eliminates follow-up calls and emails by anticipating frequently asked questions

Checklist for offboarding employees

You can plan and carry out compliant offboarding correctly with Qandle with automation and checklists to ensure compliance so that you can focus on the individual instead of the process

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Streamline the employee offboarding process with

Employee departures shouldn't become a headache for you. Take offboarding employees software to the next level with Qandle cutting-edge software. Using Qandle, you can enhance HR operations, comply with regulations, and deliver excellent service to departing employees and HR staff. The Qandle employee offboarding process makes offboarding seamless, so you can streamline everything every time a new employee joins your organization.

Make sure your standard operating procedures are updated, and maintain a transaction checklist for an easy onboarding and offboarding process. Utilize digital automation to complete the final settlement and comply with the employment agreement efficiently. After an exit negotiation, undo separation formalities and capture cessation reversal.

Interested in transforming your offboarding process in HR? Call us today for a demo and get started on a more employee-friendly, efficient, and compliant offboarding process. With a streamlined HR offboarding process, leaving employees can be better served.

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Streamline the employee offboarding process with Qandle

Unfold the convenient way to bid goodbye that doesn’t hurt the employee's

A seamless and positive employee exit experience is crucial when an employee leaves your company. Our offboarding software solutions make Off offboarding process easy, benefitting departing employees and your HR department. What makes our remote offboarding solution unique:

The employee off boarding process can be emotionally draining. Qandle, the best offboarding software, enables you to collect valuable feedback, interview departing employees, and provide them with the resources they need.

When an employee has completed their offboarding process, notify the supervisors, colleagues, stakeholders, and clients so that everyone knows what is happening. Qandle allows users to schedule automatic notifications based on offboarding completion.

Onboard in one click, specify exit types, and instantly transfer relevant documents. Whether employees are already released or just starting their virtual offboarding process, team members have a birds-eye view of the entire process through one dashboard. In addition, off boarded employees can be rehired in seconds, allowing you to recapture quality talent for efficient future hires.

Monitor offboarding tasks through the use of dashboards until they have been completed. Our digital employee offboarding software provides you a clean, secure file for every rehire and a clean, secure file for year-end filing, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.
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An employee offboarding software program automates and streamlines the process of offboarding employees. With its help, companies can perform exit interviews, deactivate systems, collect property, and perform other offboarding activities.

By using Qandle digital offboarding software, employers can improve efficiency and save time. Through this method, all necessary steps will be completed, and nothing will be missed during offboarding. Having a smooth and organized process can also benefit departing employees.

Qandle onboarding and offboarding software can be integrated with payroll, HR, and benefits administration systems. Using this integration, offboarding can be done more efficiently because information is not lost between systems, triggering tasks automatically when certain events occur.

Using Qandle offboarding staff software can benefit both small and large businesses. The offboarding process may be less complex and time-consuming for small businesses, yet it still takes time. With Qandle offboarding solutions, you can ensure all the tasks are done, and nothing gets missed.

Digital employee offboarding software generally integrates with other HR software systems because the best offboarding software often requires the collaboration of multiple departments.

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