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Success driving Employee Help Desk Software solution and

Handling requests quickly and easily.

Qandle employee help desk features are easy-to-integrate for managing tickets and addressing requests. With our collaboration tools and user interface, you can manage tickets and reduce your time spent on them in one place.

Bringing teams together

Using Qandle, staff can easily collaborate on solving problems and receiving clarifications. Using Qandle Employee Help Desk Software, your team can remain connected even when they work remotely.

Automate support to eliminate repetition

With Qandle employee help desk software features, you can send automated emails or set up saved responses. Dynamic email templates can be configured. By saving replies, you can also quickly respond to common questions.

Keep track of your time and workload.

With Qandle employee help desk features, you can access timers and timesheets directly from the software. With our solution, you can keep track of your team's progress and workload.

Streamline your internal support systems.

As helpful as you can be to your customers, be the same to your employees. By organizing and prioritizing employee requests, Qandle employee help desk management solutions allow internal teams to focus on bigger-picture projects.

Add historical data and activities to issues and queries

With Qandle Employee Help Desk software, automated reports are available for analyzing employee grievances. Keep a historical record of all doubts to improve your process in the future.

Track Status

Using the Qandle Employee Help Desk software, you can monitor the status of tickets from your desk, and you will receive instant notifications when tickets are resolved.

Auto-assign tickets

With Qandle Employee Help Desk software, tickets are automatically directed. Ensure every ticket is assigned to a category-tagged user with relevant skills to solve the problem.

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Qandle Employee Help Desk Software: One-stop solution to address employee requests and

Keep support requests organized and avoid letting them accumulate. Let our Qandle Employee Help Desk Software help you modernize your employee support processes. Our employee help desk software solutions aim to address most employee concerns. Using our employee desk software, you don't have to wait for solutions to pile up anymore.

By using the Qandle employee help desk platform, employees will be able to resolve incidents faster and more efficiently. No matter what the employees' concerns are, the employees help desk software is the answer to all the problems you may have in your company.

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Qandle Employee Help Desk Software: One-stop solution to address employee requests and grievances

Unfold employee satisfaction with Employee help desk software

With Qandle Employee Help Desk software, you will gain insight into your organization's performance. With our software, you can track how many employee and end-user requests your helpdesk receives to determine what is causing the most issues or ensure your service level agreements are being met.

Support is essential to the efficient operation of your teams. Using Qandle employee help desk management tools, your organization can create an internal help desk that can serve many departments, each with its own ticket system, automation rules, and escalation process. Each department should be monitored by a dedicated employee who prioritizes requests.

The Qandle Employee Help Desk Software is an effective tool for monitoring team performance and predicting future trends. Through Qandle Software, employees' activity, unassigned open tickets, employee happiness ratings, team allocations, and average ticket resolution times can be monitored. Use custom or pre-defined reports and dashboards to facilitate better decision-making.

Ensure your employees can request assistance through their preferred channels, such as e-mail, live chat, forums, or an internal web widget. With Qandle Employee Help Desk Software, all support requests are gathered in one intuitive interface. Work modes allow you to sort and monitor tickets according to different criteria quickly.

Using Qandle Help Desk software, create an informative and robust help center. A knowledge base can be added to your help center to include help articles, onboarding materials, FAQs for employees, company policies, demos, and more in several languages. Setup of your help center is easy with our help desk system. You can update it regularly with the help of your teams.

Using the Qandle Employee Help Desk software, businesses can keep track of queries and requests. Our solution identifies communication gaps in your company by analyzing ticket trends and proactively addressing them. By using our internal support tracking, your support team will be able to improve their response times and quality, increasing the efficiency of your organization.
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Frequently asked

Qandle Task Management software does make your work easier and maximizes business productivity. Here is a list of essential FAQs that make it easier for you to understand software solutions.

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There is no doubt that Qandle works equally well with customers and with internal stakeholders. With multiple departments, it is possible to create dedicated channels, help centers, service level agreements, etc., and manage them separately. Using Qandle Employee Help Desk Software, you can help your customers across channels and improve their resolution rates.

You will increase productivity by taking care of your employees' needs and addressing their grievances immediately. With an internal help desk system, your employees can be supported, and your business will run smoothly. Customers are happy when employees are happy.

A good internal ticketing system fits your business's needs the most. With Qandle Employee Help Desk Software, you can provide omnichannel support, automated self-help portals, and intelligent chatbots to employees.

Yes, Qandle Employee Help Desk Software is compatible with various HR tools and systems. To streamline HR, you can integrate Qandle with applicant tracking systems, HR management software, or employee databases.

Yes, absolutely! With Qandle Employee Help Desk Software, organizations of all sizes can meet their needs. Whatever your needs are, Qandle Software features and functionalities can be customized to suit your needs.

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