Who benefits from anEpayroll Software?

Epayroll is particularly advantageous for a small business in a remote location because it eliminates the costs of traditional distribution by digitising all data entering. There's no need to spend money on a costly overnight courier service. Furthermore, an epayroll system would mandate that all employees use only direct deposit and electronic services. Any business of any size can benefit from an epayroll system. Whether you have all of your employees on-site or have personnel in several states, an epayroll solution will dramatically speed up and simplify the payroll process.

Steps involved in executing payroll

Onboarding employees

Businesses should onboard employees and prepare a list of employees to be paid as the first step in payroll processing.

Establish a payroll policy.

To ensure regular payroll execution, firms should create their policies and get them approved by management at this stage. Pay policies, leave and attendance policies, employee benefits policies, and so on are examples of these policies.

Collect employee feedback

For payroll processing, employee inputs such as PAN, address, bank account details, and so on are critical. Typically, the concerned teams collect these inputs from employees when they first join.

Work out the payroll.

The verified inputs are supplied into the system for payroll processing at this level. After correcting for applicable deductions and taxes due, net payment figures are produced. Spreadsheets are used to perform these calculations. As a result, reconciling and verifying the values to avoid any inaccuracies becomes challenging. Automated payroll software, on the other hand, might have reduced the chance of clerical or arithmetic errors.

Pay employees' salaries

Then, to make wage transfers, firms must guarantee that their bank account has sufficient funds. Following that, a salary bank advice statement is submitted to the relevant bank, instructing it to disburse salaries.

Advantages of using anEpayroll Software

Allow access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Either in-house or cloud-based technologies can help you streamline and optimise your payroll process. Direct access and cross-platform usability are overwhelmingly preferred by employees.

Improved Efficiencies in the payroll process.

While a company's payroll and HR management tasks do not typically produce income, they can considerably improve a company's bottom line by lowering expenses and labour costs. This can be accomplished primarily by implementing a paperless payment method. Increased accuracy, speed, security, and convenience can save you a lot of time and money.

Payroll data is now more secure than ever before.

Every business and individual is concerned about security. The threat of identity theft and commercial cyber-theft is on the rise, and firms may substantially reduce the chance of critical information being compromised by eliminating paper pay stubs. It is impossible to lose or copy a pay stub if it does not exist.


Furthermore, an online system will give your employees the security and convenience of accessing their pay stubs from the comfort of their own homes. Having an online payroll system, as well as online reports, eliminates the possibility of lost documents.Reduction of Paper Waste

Reduction of paper waste

While eliminating all paper may still be a long way off for now, a large and significant reduction in paper use and waste paper accumulation can be achieved in a business with a green payroll system.

Qandle has truly changed the overall experience of our work life. Shifting from an MIS, which failed our expectations to Qandle has simplified the user experience for not just us HRs but also all the employees.

I want to congratulate your implementation and support team for structuring our payroll and for the initial hand holding before going live with all the modules and then driving us out from manual complex excel sheets to a wonderful life of ease. Kshamta Shrivastava, Assistant Manager HR, Autoninja

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