Qandle HCM software features

HCM software helps you manage your human resources effectively by automating all the necessary HR operations. So, if you're planning to get human capital management software, don't forget to consider these important features.

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Attendance Management System

Regular check-in and check-out, overtime tracking, shift scheduling, attendance reports, etc are managed by this system.

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Payroll Management System

This system automatically calculates the payroll, generates payroll reports and allows employees to access payslips.

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Timesheets enable employees to log time, support multi-level approvals, generate time log reports, etc.

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Leave Management System

This system allows employees to submit leave requests, track their time off availability, and enables companies to generate leave reports.

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Case Management System

Employees can raise queries at any time and find answers for FAQs through this system.

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Talent Development

This HCM software feature allows you to enhance the skills of your employees and motivate them. It is also responsible to retain your employees. It helps you support different learning styles, add multiple resources and learning materials in different formats, create learning plans, organize assessments, etc.

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Talent Management

Features under this system include customizable onboarding, performance and compensation management system etc. These features help employees to understand organizational goals, get to know about their roles and responsibilities, provide and gather feedback, etc.

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HR Analytics

HR analytics helps you identify organizational issues and their root causes. It makes the operations transparent and allows you to monitor all processes easily. HR analytics provides you all the relevant information about hiring trends, employee headcount, turnover trends, growth rate, etc.

What is HCM Software?

Human Capital Management software is a complete digital HR solution that allows companies to automate HR processes and handle their employees effectively. All employee-related operations like recruitment, training, onboarding, talent management, etc. can be easily tracked and managed by well-designed human capital management software.

How does HCM Software work?

As already mentioned, a human capital management platform is an assortment of human resource operations that helps organisations to simplify their workload. Most companies have a combination of HCM systems and they coordinate these systems to work as a single system. Instead of having separate software for payroll, timesheet, productivity analytics, etc. HCM integrates all these functions into one single platform. An HCM platform works on cloud, which means all the business data is stored on servers. With permission, this information can be accessed from anyone in your organization from anywhere.

Benefits of HCM Software

Managing all the HR operations manually will be difficult. Apart from automating the HR operations, an HCM system can benefit your organisation in many ways.

Better employee experience

HCM software simplifies the communication between you and your employees by offering the best experience to them. Employees can easily finish paperwork, track their goals, provide feedback, etc through HCM software. Since HCM works on the cloud, employees can do all these operations from a single place at their convenience.

Simplifies core HR processes

An HCM platform automates all core HR operations like onboarding, attendance, compensation, etc and simplifies your work to a great extent. This eliminates the manual work and promotes smooth workflow in your organisation.

All employee data at a single place

All the information about employees like salaries, benefits, banking details, etc are organised and stored in a secure location in HCM software. With permission, this data can be easily accessed by anyone in your organisation from anywhere.

Promotes employee development

HCM software helps you identify your employee's training needs and conduct training programs. It also allows you to gather regular performance feedback from your employees and helps you develop their skills.

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