How Can You Automate HR Department with Qandle’s HR Management Software?

Traditional conceptions about human resource departments are now changing. The team is increasing their boundary and being recognized for playing an important role in changing the strategic value of the business and all the credit goes to HR software.

Qandle, a prominent HR Management Software is leveraged by human resource professionals and managers in their organization to streamline the process of collecting and maintaining accurate employee-related data along with making sure your business complies with safety and labor laws. It also helps the employees work more efficiently and error-freely.

Qandle, the Best HR Management Software Solution is designed in such a way that can effectively meet the needs of a modern workplace by assisting with managing people, information or data, and processes simultaneously.
Now look at the best features of Qandle’s HR Management Software:

Leave Management

Qandle’s Leave Management Software can automate and simplify employees' leave processing by setting different types of leave, holiday calendars, one-click requests and approvals, calendar notifications, real-time visibility, smart dashboard, and syncing with payroll.

Attendance Management

It enables the HR managers to track employees' attendance safely and accurately with touchless employee attendance tracking, multiple attendance policies, setting multiple time zones, automated attendance, real-time visibility, smart dashboard, etc.

Employee Database Management

Qandle’s database management software can help your business automate its day-to-day information and activities along with simplifying human interaction.

Asset Management

The asset management solution of Qandle monitors several aspects related to assets such as inventory, stock, count, location, availability, etc more efficiently and accurately.

Helpdesk Support for Employees

It will help HR managers to track, measure, and solve all the concerns and queries of employees more effectively. It is an easy-to-use self-service portal for both employees and managers.

Reports & Analytics

It offers comprehensive pre-built reports for all modules-intuitive and also allows the HR department effortlessly search, filter, compare and view data with these interactive visualization tools.

Recruitment Management

You can opt for the smart hiring solution with Qandle’s HR Management Software by providing custom hiring criteria, candidate sourcing, requisition management, internal job posting, referrals, simplifying interviewing, submitting scorecards, and many more.

Payroll Management

Get error-free payroll processing with tailored checks and data sync with all HR records with Qandle's payroll management HR software. It will enable your finance department automatic checks to ensure errors that may be missed manually.

Onboarding & Exit

Qandle, the Best HR Management Software Solution will delight you with its seamless hiring process to painlessly manage the exit process with the help of its candidate portal, seamless onboarding, letters database, exit management, exit feedback, eSeperation, etc.

Performance Management

You can improve the overall performance of your business with fully configurable assessment frameworks and flexible rating scales to ensure that you continue to measure your employees' performance as you want.

Document Management

Qandle’s document management system is designed effectively to make the workflow of your team working on the same project easier. It works efficiently for all including tiny startup teams, large experienced teams, miscellaneous teams working together for a specific project, and many more.

Shift Management

Qandle's shift management HR software solution can seamlessly manage your company's shift with an intuitive planner, employee shift calendar, and rotating or non-weekly rosters.

Expanse Management

With the help of Qandle's expanse management HR software, you can claim and track expenses most flexibly with custom policies, setting approval rules, smart bill scanning, digital records, intuitive reporting, and many more.

Training Management

If you want to improve the efficiency and the overall productivity of your company, employee training is necessary. Qandle's training management software will help you increase the productivity of all your employees by providing them with proper training and education.

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