Why Choose Qandle asYour HRMS Software?

An all-in HR Platform

With approximately 36 apps serving under the umbrella of a single HRMS software, Qandle is the only pitstop you have to make to kickstart and grow your business. It can work as an HR software for SME (Small and Medium scale Enterprises) by providing various tools and unanimously becoming one of the best HR software for small businesses.

Easy Setup

When the whole idea behind Qandle revolves around making HR management more effective, convenient and easy for users, why would it aim for complicated installation processes? There is absolutely no installation and has an easy set up in 2 weeks time. In the case of a switch, past data and company policies can be transferred within a few clicks.

Future Ready

With an unwavering future focus, Qandle equips you with the latest technologies and directs orientation in mobile systems with superior analytics present for accurate decision making.

Active Payroll & Compliance

There are no compromises with payroll management. This full-service system is integrated, error-free and compliant.

Expense Management

Lets you accurately track expenses incurred by the company including end-to-end business and travel expenses administration concerning all employees and managers.

Bank Grade Security

It goes without saying, your data is in safe hands and considered with utmost secrecy, where end-to-end encryption is present for all transmitted data.

Fully Configurable

The system is entirely configurable to meet your company’s unique processes and policies.

Employee Friendly

Our product is loved by employees for its easy functionality and engagement strategies.


The pricing is nominal compared to the plethora of functions that are made available. There are no lock-ins involved apart from our product and service quality.

Organize People Resources. Better.

Always available: 99.99% uptime in the last 3 years

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Top Features You’d Love To See From Qandle

Career Site

Qandle’s career site builder requires zero coding. It breeds an environment where work culture would involve management and employees sharing video and audio inputs. Furthermore, employer branding is facilitated for potential talents at your company, and effortless configurability to suit your unique branding needs.

Offer Management

Needless to say of the excitement an offer letter can bring to a candidate. Qandle knows best, with an array of templates to choose from which are reusable, and proceed with completely paperless techniques using e-signatures. You also have a candidate portal to manage hiring outside of your work framework, where you can also seek pre-offer documents from candidates.

Work Updates

With flexible forms that allows managers to keep track of work and by assigning the frequency of work updates to each employee separately on a daily, weekly or random basis, Qandle enables these functions to work tailored to your requirements.

Timesheet Management

Track time from anywhere effortlessly using a constantly updated system which shows existing clients and their corresponding deadlines of projects. You can create custom fields in order to decide what should be seen on a timesheet. Project wise tracking is done on a daily basis pertaining to the employee who is responsible for the task.

Organizations Using Qandle

Here are some of the most reputed and prestigious clients of our product

Organizations Using Qandle

Organize People Resources. Better.

Always available: 99.99% uptime in the last 3 years

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How Can Your Startup Benefit From HR Software?

HR software for startups stems from the idea of governing the affairs related to human resources in a budding startup company. If you just recently built a startup, and you are equipped with its set up, congratulations to you on your progress. And your decision at landing here tells me you have the right attitude to kickstart your business to greater heights.

The best HRMS software understands people, and deals for the welfare of all people involved, something a startup really needs and often fails to have. An HR software for startups prevents the initial hiccups and difficulties that arises and also avoids the possibility of penalties that can potentially come your way. Your startup simply needs an HR software because it takes care of the handling from your own company end so that focus can always be kept on clients, as it should be.

There are various HR tools for startups which are employed to derive various results. Starting from an assistance to simplify the working process, the HR software makes it easy for the employees as well as the management to scrape unnecessary formalities and stick to easy ways of marking attendance, charting leaves and others.

Does Your Small Business Require HR Software to Boost its Success?

HRIS for small business is a relatively new concept, where traditionally family businesses as well as other small scale businesses relied on self employment and bringing in individuals from their personal network and refused any form of surveillance. Now, without an active human resource software for small business, you cannot create the impact conducive for growth and success.

When you employ an HR system for a small business, it brings in many long term benefits like rapid communication between employees and management, better employee engagement and successful recruiting that creates a difference in the team. As your business proceeds to greater heights and transitions itself from a small to medium scale business, the best HR software for business enables a greater degree of employee satisfaction and ensures their productivity along the process.

Want to Buy the Best HR Software for Startups?

Unlock the benefits of maximum efficiency of your workforce today by having a demo call with us and see for yourself why Qandle is the best choice to skyrocket your startup.


Organize People Resources. Better.

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    Always available: 99.99% uptime in the last 3 years

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    Highly secure: ISO certified, GDPR compliant