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Get rid of filing cabinets

The Qandle consolidated storage system makes it extremely easy to add, automate, and access all the employee information you need, from personal data to job responsibilities. Invest in an intuitive Qandle Human Resource Information System to save space and increase productivity

Get the most out of your HRIS

The more you do, the better off you will be. Starting with onboarding and continuing through leave management and beyond, Qandle HRIS keeps track of and guides your employees at every step. With Qandle's easy customization, you can customize the platform to meet your organization's needs. By automating routine tasks, you can focus on your team.

Create a workflow that works

Simple click, drag, and drop make creating optimal workflows for your business easy. Get into action by customizing with Qandle HRIS customization capabilities. Enhance security by implementing custom access controls and streamline every step of the process individually or in succession.

Records and off-charts

Ensure that records are maintained for all your employees across all denominations, departments, and locations of your company. With your HRIS, you can access all the information from one safe database. By avoiding switching between multiple applications and tabs, you'll save time you can use to understand and analyze your business's trends.

Automate manual approval processes and tasks

Send onboarding emails, or go big and automate the approval process with a daisy-chained workflow that can handle simple and complex tasks. There is no need for code or IT assistance.

Permissions, approvals, and more can be customized by role

Identifying which employees can do what has never been easier - or more precise - than now. With Qandle, you can create role-based permission profiles. Whether your organization changes, you will always have control over your business.

Automated detection and correction of costly compliance errors

Using Qandle, you can automatically flag local, state, and federal compliance infractions without alerting you to them and get a recommended action plan for addressing each of them.

Onboarding and offboarding

Automating both processes will make them easier and less stressful for you. The Qandle Human Resource information software makes it easy to take important steps while welcoming and letting go of team members.

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Qandle: Get a clear glimpse of your HR management at a

With the Qandle Human Resource Information System, organizations can streamline every aspect of post-employment HR, from onboarding to final separation.

The core module integrates all HR activities, such as onboarding and offboarding, management of employee databases, skill and training management, content distribution, performance appraisal, employee separation, etc. A configurable workflow engine is available in the solution that will simplify and streamline the integration and management of all functions specific to the organization. Qandle comprehensive reporting and analytics tools offer actionable insights for improving job performance and creating a more productive workplace.

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 Qandle: Get a clear glimpse of your HR management at a click

Qandle: An all-in-one HR platform with excellent

Invest in the highest-rated HRIS system for your workforce. The Qandle HRIS solution can help HR teams reduce their time on tedious, repetitive tasks to focus on their core role of managing people. The Qandle platform automates and streamlines the onboarding and offboarding process

Qandle allows you to integrate all your employee information worldwide into one system, eliminating manual entry. The Qandle platform automatically adjusts everything; every field, document, and currency is localized.

An HRIS software system keeps all employee information in a single cloud-based location. Put an end to tedious paperwork and spreadsheets. With a robust HR portal that integrates with popular chat apps and offers access controls, you can eliminate all that paperwork. Put your focus on what matters most and let Qandle handle the rest.

All data should be centralized in one location, and employees should be empowered to access all the information they need independently, such as documents, departmental files, statements, contracts, etc. Nothing needs to be searched for or relied upon - a valuable resource is at your fingertips.

Take advantage of Qandle's analytics for collecting, storing, and automatically generating reports. Utilizing insightful insights and concealing data insights, you can convince your audience of what's going on. Whether at general meetings or another event, it is a perfect way to substantiate your claims.
A single HR system for your entire team

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Frequently asked

Qandle is your top solution to fulfill all your meeting scheduling needs. Here, we have covered a few essential questions to help you under the software in a better way.

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Human Resource Information Systems automate employee tasks such as recruitment, onboarding, and time tracking. HRIS solutions may include a native payroll solution, while others may not. Aside from roles, compensation, and contact information, it also serves as a central repository for employee data.

Qandle HR analytics and reporting features let you learn much about your team. Get real-time information on key metrics like team size and turnover rates on intuitive dashboards you can download for meetings. Make sure you get the most out of your customized reports.

Qandle HRIS stores all employee info in a single cloud system. You can get access to it wherever you are, store documents in a knowledge base, generate reports automatically, and fine-tune data access based on role.

Cloud-based HR systems help employers manage employee data more efficiently. Qandle's HR solutions for small businesses accelerate HR processes and can help businesses make informed decisions. Moreover, Qandle HRIS seamlessly integrates with leave management, attendance, payroll, and other HR management applications.

The Qandle HRIS provides HR access to an online employee database and a fully functional decision analysis tool. Qandle can be used for managing employee databases and ensuring compliance. It facilitates HR processes and promotes transparency. With zero learning curve, the software stands out.

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