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Human Resource Management

Providing a 360 view of employee data anywhere, anytime, anywhere can streamline tedious HR operations by providing a seamless experience. Take advantage of our custom solutions tailored to your requirements and make reporting easier with our software

Attendance Management

The real-time check-in/check-out feature, log times, and other features allow you to keep track of employee activities. Get a better understanding of how approvals, leave management and other requests are handled

Payroll Management

Regardless of the complexity of payroll operations, Qandle robust Human Resource Management Software can easily handle them. Creating flexible pay heads makes it easy to calculate bonus structures, salary, and tax based on the location and time

Helpdesk Management

Give your employees the opportunity to voice their concerns regarding workflow through an easy way of raising tickets and tracking the progress made on the issue

Performance Management

Improve transparency of what is being done in terms of performance by each manager using a performance management system that calculates the weighted analysis of each employee's key responsibilities

Project Management

Manage all the projects, assign work to employees, keep track of the employees' timesheets, and analyze the profitability of the project with precise calculations by managing all the projects

Claims Management

Set up a workflow so that approvals and payments can be tracked and approved. The best way to keep track of your expenses is to categorize them and assign them to specific travel requests approved for payment

Onboarding & Exit

Qandle Human Resource Management Software Enable employees to automate their onboarding and exit processes. Maintain process checklists and improve the employee experience by automatically generating onboarding and exit documents as you go through the process

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Qandle: Gateway to eliminating paperwork and easy HR management

With Qandle Human Resource Management System Software, you can manage your payroll, expenses, reimbursed expenses, create statutory reports, configure tax settings, and integrate 3rd parties with payroll. Our solution simplifies your day-to-day operations, and your goals will be achieved more efficiently and quickly. From employee onboarding to farewell, Qandle support all aspects of employee lifecycle management.

With Qandle HRMS, you can engage your employees and enhance their performance. The system provides a 360-degree view of an employee's performance. A platform that connects employee performance with business outcomes to engage employees. Incorporating Qandle Human Resource Management System Software into your business allows you to create an inspiring work environment where people are rewarded for their efforts. With Qandle HRMS, social networking can be accessed inside the enterprise. As an industry leader in performance, employee community, and social media management, Qandle HRMS ensures organizations achieve their business objectives.

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Qandle: Gateway to eliminating paperwork and easy HR management

Unlocks the doors of easy management with

Qandle understands the importance of your workforce, so we have developed HRMS software that can reflect your legacy of managing salaries, benefits, and compensation in one easy-to-use and efficient package. Our software will improve your HR productivity by tracking time and attendance, managing training and development, streamlining performance reviews, and more, saving you money and (effort) by improving your human capital management.

Qandle HRMS solution is best HR software solution, featuring modern features for tracking attendance, including timings and geolocation. Organizes every aspect of your business, including manufacturing, sales, consulting, and service. A mobile app makes tracking employees' whereabouts easy and precise

With Qandle, you can easily transfer your existing Human Capital Data with an easy plug-and-play implementation that enables you to easily configure every aspect with a one-touch table of employee data. The Qandle software allows you to access human capital management within a day, so you're always in the know

With customized HRMS software, Qandle can meet the specific needs of industries across the board. With Qandle, your existing system can be integrated with scalable and adaptable solutions anywhere in the world. Qandle makes it easy for businesses to manage their workforces efficiently.
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The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) automates workforce management processes like payroll, employee onboarding, and performance evaluations, improving operations and employee management.

By implementing Qandle HRMS, you can increase productivity, streamline processes, reduce costs, and ensure employee satisfaction through data-driven decisions.

Yes, absolutely. With Qandle HRMS, you can customize any aspect of your company, from the organization structure to the industry and size, to meet your specific needs.

Yes, absolutely. Qandle HRMS has a powerful set of tools specifically designed to help you manage remote teams, including features such as remote attendance tracking and collaboration.

With our HRMS, we are constantly updating our features and improvements, and you can count on having access to the most up-to-date tools and technology advancements in HR

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