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Tools to better manage, track and engage your remote team!

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Uncertain times and working Conditions call for better remote tools, greater engagement and more clarity

Qandle's unique and comprehensive employee productivity toolkit ensures your productivity and effectiveness do not suffer in a remote working environment. Keep your people motivated and give them an experience as close to working face-to-face as possible!

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Here's what our employee productivity toolkit offers

Leave and attendance

Keep real-time visibility over OKRs and their completion status

  • Easily assign, manage, cascade and track goals.
  • Real time and seamless goal tracking for better results
  • Add multiple collaborators for team projects.
  • Stay informed by following public goals
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Task Management

Set daily tasks and objectives

  • Create daily tasks for your team or let them set tasks for themselves
  • Categorize tasks by completion status
  • Carry forward pending tasks
  • Let Managers organize tasks team member wise or date wise
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Task Management

Collect status updates and feedback at custom intervals

  • Customize forms with open text, dropdown menu & multiple choice type questions
  • Custom create predefined schedules (daily, weekly, monthly etc)
  • Auto trigger custom forms at the predefined intervals to your team members
  • Painlessly capture information and track your team’s progress and challenges
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Remote Attendance

Mobile-first attendance features for remote management

  • Comprehensive setup for granular policy definition
  • Mark attendance using Qandle’s Geotagging and Geofencing enabled mobile app
  • Real-time attendance tracker for Managers
  • Prompt reminders for policy breach
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Track time spent across multiple client projects

  • Setup clients, projects and activities under various projects
  • Let employees submit daily timesheets
  • Track how much time employees are spending across various projects
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Screen Tracking

Analyze time spent across productive activities every day

  • Capture screenshots of employees' PCs at randomized intervals
  • Categorize employees' working hours into productive and unproductive
  • Understand the effectiveness of your teams at a daily/weekly level
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Resources Database

Shared repository for all company documents

  • Upload all relevant and important documents at a single place
  • Let employees view/download documents when required
  • Define relevance filters to ensure only select employees can access documents
  • Create folders and group together necessary documents for easy access
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Sign and share letters/documents completely digitally

  • Maintain digital signatures on Qandle
  • Append signatures on letter or documents digitally
  • Remove the need for paper based documentation & physical signatures
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Memos and Internal Communication

Timely communication to counter uncertainty

  • Send messages as emails, notifications and persistent notices on the homepage
  • Set the subject, schedule & medium of delivery and the relevant audience
  • Customize the message and include images, videos, links and more
  • Keep your team updated on all the latest company wide developments in these uncertain times
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Virtual 1:1s

Schedule meetings and capture the minutes/feedback effortlessly

  • Schedule 1:1 meetings with your team members in just 2 clicks
  • Auto notification and mail triggers
  • Capture private notes and public notes/MoMs
  • Keep a running, historical track record of every meeting ever held
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Real-Time Feedback

Enable many to many adhoc feedback sharing

  • Let employees give and request for feedback
  • Share positive, negative, scale-based feedback
  • Keep employees apprised of their performance and areas of improvement
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Social Recognition

Recognize and motivate great performance!

  • Give out badges on a public platform visible to all
  • Let employees accumulate badges on their profile
  • Recognize and acknowledge excellent performers
  • Keep employees motivated and engaged
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Employee Helpdesk

Resolve employees' concerns faster and better

  • Easy reporting and analysis with intuitive issue categorization
  • Efficient ticket flow management with pre-decided ticket owners and resolution TATs
  • Timely resolutions with regular reminders and auto-escalations
  • Feedback to track resolution quality
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Social Network

Recognize milestones and enable bonding among employees

  • Let employees wish each other on their birthdays and work anniversaries
  • Create customized mail templates and let Qandle send out wishes automatically
  • Add 'from' and 'cc' mail IDs as needed
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Polls and Surveys

Launch quick surveys and keep a finger on the organization pulse.

  • Create and share pulse polls and surveys
  • Gather anonymous feedback and responses
  • Use intuitive visual dashboards to analyze the results
  • Keep a tab on the satisfaction level of employees
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Learning & Development

Upskill teams, improve business performance, and promote employee growth

  • Schedule and manage training (online/offline/self paced) sessions
  • Capture trainee attendance and record assessments
  • Measure training effectiveness through feedback
  • Create and assign completion certificates

Re-imagining Remote Work

Comprehensive and Complete

Tools that let you manage work, attendance, productivity and engagement remotely, all in one place

Intuitive User Experience

Qandle's sublime, beautiful UX ensures your employees will love using the product while needing minimal to no training

Completely Mobile

Give your employees the freedom to access Qandle from a laptop or our native Android/iOS apps

Remote is in our DNA

From paperless digital signatures to virtual 1:1 meetings, we help you reimagine what remote work could be

Effortless Setup & Go-Live

A curated remote package means that you go live in a matter of days with minimal effort and complexity

Dedicated & Constant Support

We take Customer Success very seriously! Your dedicated Account Manager will be there to assist you, day or night

  • 20+ HR Modules
  • 300+ Happy Clients
  • 2,00,000+ Satisfied Users
  • 20+ Industries Served

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