Qandle’s Talent Management Suite

Check out the main elements of the talent management system and the properties of each element.

Applicant Tracking System

Qandle's powerful applicant tracking system helps you find the right candidate by advanced cross-platform searching, segmenting and targeting high-value candidates. Recruitment is also simplified into a single streamlined process to save time and effort.

Performance Appraisal System

The performance appraisal system helps you manage organizational objectives and keep your employees up-to-date with the targets. It makes the process easier for managers by monitoring employee's performance. The system also provides an extensive overview on employee performance for regular evaluation.

Learning Management System

Learning management system helps you in planning, executing, tracking and conducting skill-based courses and training programs for your employees. It also assists employees to develop their skills and offers a single platform to manage all learning activities.

Training Management System

The training management system helps you manage identification, responsibilities, and authority of employees easily. It also allows you to track your employees' performance, training process and progression.

What areTalent Management Systems?

Talent management systems or TMS are a combination of tools that helps you hire candidates, manage talent and retain human capital within your company. A talent management tool assists you to achieve long-term business goals by creating employee-centric solutions.

How does theTalent Management System work?

Talent management platform operates by integrating all HR modules together. It mainly includes the HR modules needed to hire, develop and attract talent. It works in a cloud platform which offers robust security, large data storage capacity, and other integrations. The key elements of a talent management tool are

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Ensure that requirements of your organisation match the skills of employees you hide. You can discuss with expert teams to understand business needs and align them with talent strategies.

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Hiring and Onboarding

Hiring the right talent is the most important element of TMS. You can ramp new employees with paperless hire processes and automated workflows.

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Manage Performance

You can easily plan and help employees to handle their objectives. Utilise guided action planning to monitor employee performance regularly.

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Compensation Goals

You can find and reward employees for their outstanding performance.

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Develop and Retain

You will be able to provide innovative learning experiences to your employees. You can also schedule and conduct compliance training programs.

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