Flexible forms

Allow managers to assign forms to their team members and keep track of their work

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Flexible forms for work management

Choose frequency

Assign frequency of work updates to each employee separately - weekly, fortnightly, or monthly


Complete configurability

Completely configurable work update form to enable managers to ask the relevant questions to each team member

employee work management system
work management software for business

Understand challenges

With questions like ‘where do you need my help, or ‘what are the dependencies’, understand what is stopping your team from achieving more


Uncover opportunities

Uncover hidden opportunities from your team members by encouraging them to share new ideas in their regular work update forms

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Work Management SoftwareThat Delivers Desirable Input

What is the primary contributor towards any business enterprise? Sales. Be it service or products, businesses engage in sales and exchange of utilities for generating profits. And this sales is driven by employee’s work efforts alone, when you boil down external efforts like machinery involvement and technological advancements that are made use for business. Work single-handedly influences sales and when we dig deep into successful companies and businesses, you see masterminds and masters of the craft at what they do. In order to guarantee a successful functioning, it is now obvious which factor should be taken care of the most. Work management system has been a long practice in the field of business mainly carried out through the HR, but lately technology has paved the way for automation and enhanced excellence even for this category.

What Does Qandle Bring to theTable as a Work Management Software?

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Flexible Forms

How you measure work and time spent on work is crucial. The accuracy and reliability is best found in forms. With Qandle’s best work order software, managers can freely flow forms towards employees and have an eye on their time spent. These assignments of forms are carried out through Qandle’s own medium

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Choose Frequency

You would ideally need profitable actions to be recurring and consistently performant. Here, you can choose a custom frequency for work updates. This means even for each individual, you can keep a custom frequency so that high performers as well as employees who need improvement can be assessed on their own accord. This frequency can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

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Complete Configurability

When you have space to move around and decide to function on your own, not restricting management to be confined to their rulebooks, that is when you truly possess responsible control over your workforce. Configurability is this ability to influence actions and command functions to your software for your organization’s benefit. Qandle’s workforce management software is entirely configurable, and encourages healthy communication and transparency between the managers and the employees. With this, managers can ask the relevant questions to each team member specifically, and create custom timings and characteristics for work updates.

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Understand Challenges

It is important to identify the factors behind the gap between performance and expectations. When you understand the nature and cause of such challenges, you can pose crucial questions like ‘what are the dependencies’ and ‘where is more assistance required’ and resolve them more efficiently.

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Uncover Opportunities

Employees are always in an endless journey towards betterment and growth. When you do the needful for them to unlock more opportunities and encourage them in engagement, you cultivate a workforce that is sincere to their professions. This can be done with Qandle through the forms you regularly forward to your employees.

Why Choose Qandle As Your Work Management Platform?

All-In-One HR Platform

With 36 apps to corner all your HR managing needs, Qandle takes care of payroll, talent acquisition, attendance and tracking. Qandle is the only destination you need to elevate your business. It can work as a payroll app for a small business by assisting the management with their various tools and unanimously becoming one of the best work management software for small business.

Instant Setup

Qandle aims towards making HR management more effective, convenient and easy for users. Hence it does not needlessly prolong installation processes, and in fact it is absent. It has an easy setup in 2 weeks time. In the case of a switch, past data and company policies can be transferred within a few clicks.

Future Focus

Qandle is ever ready for the increasing demands of the uprising world, with an unwavering determination towards the future. Qandle provides you with its latest technologies and inclines on mobile system orientation with superior analytics for precise action calls to get the best customer response.

Full-Service Payroll & Compliance

When it comes to payroll management, there are just no shortcomings. Qandle’s Payroll Software equips a full-service system with active integration, that is error-free and compliant.

Task Management

Task Management Software allows you to easily assign tasks, get a greater degree of visibility and empower managers by handing them more power and simultaneously transitioning the organisation to be more transparent.

Expense Management

You can track the expenses borne by the company including end-to-end business and travel expenses administration concerning all employees and managers.

Bank Grade Security

Business flows through a proper channel of security for its information. Your data is to be dealt with high grade security and Qandle understands the assignment. With Qandle, end-to-end encryption is present for all transmitted data.

Fully Configurable

What makes it a top shelf remote workforce management software is its completely configurable system. It is sufficient to meet your company's tailored policies and unique processes.

Loved By Employees

Our product is well received by over 550 clients that consist of managers and employees. All of its credits goes towards its easy functionality and engagement strategies.

Affordable Pricing

The pricing is nominal compared to the number of functions that are made available. There are no lock-ins involved apart from our product and service quality.

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What AreWork Management Tools?

In the modern work framework, the company inculcates many softwares to pull all strings of business to function up to standards. These softwares range from customer support to expense management. But in order to ensure this management has an HR surveillance, and in order to monitor and improve employee productivity and work performance, there are work management tools that serve these purposes. Often linked with task management, work management software works as a culmination of digital tools that lets you plan, organize and track tasks involving employees in order to generate better results and review scopes for improvement.

What Are the Components of a Workforce Management Software?

A remote workforce management software has a large role to play in coordinating business actions for the employees. It contributes various tools that cater this function of elevating employee work performance and boost their productivity by needed monitoring and training.


Work scheduling revolves around the central idea of streamlining work in a manner that is more approachable and organized. Similar to task management, work scheduling serves the same function of creating and managing time schedules. Progress can be statistically visible with accurate indicators made available by proper scheduling.


This feature pertains to making the work progress visible to the management at any given stage. A work management system should effectively highlight where each work is residing at and what processes are left in order for it to be completed. Such communication gives clarity over workflows and is easier to evaluate employees based on its outcomes.

Collaboration & Centralized Communication

Work management in itself is a collaborative effort. Hence it is obvious to expect an enhanced collaborative influence with the introduction of a workforce management software. This software draws a clear collaboration channel whereby information can be transferred and work guidance can be easily seeked. The teams would not have any hassles sharing attachments and files that would be subject to teamwork.

Resource Management

Workforce is your company’s greatest resource. However, resource management extends from people towards facilitating proper implementations of time, machinery and other tools for business. This would include system upgrades, software updates, renovations among others.

File Storage and Sharing

Storage of information and records of previous transactions and business details has increasingly become a concern for modern business. When volumes of information are expected to be stored securely, it demands a shift from physical documents to a software that automatically secures work related files and attachments. A work management software single handedly manages employee details, their work performance and other statistical details and restricts it from public visibility other than the concerned authorities.

Advantages of Having aWork Management System?

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Easy Progress Tracking

Track the progress of work and non-work tasks along with each team member’s individual contributions towards work. Sharing that progress with your clients and other stakeholders is all the more easier with a clear tracking software.

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Enhanced Task Organization

It is not always easy to break down large tasks into smaller actionable items, and delegate it to various employees. But when there is a dedicated work management platform, you can organize work related tasks effectively to generate a better final product.

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Effective Team Collaboration

Creates an environment where it is convenient and comfortable for employees to collaborate and work as a team to cultivate higher work performance and better quality of work.

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Time Efficiency

In the case of some employees, they may be highly hardworking and spend more hours but they do not drive relatable productivity or maintain a balance between time and work structures. With software that efficiently tracks individual employee’s time spent on work and measures their productivity, such an issue can be better tackled.

Equip Your Workforce With the Best Tools toFind the Best Versions of Themselves!

It is about time employees receive the assistance and guidance they deserve as being faithful drivers and the largest contributor for business success. Hop on a call with Qandle today to experience the fruitful benefits it adds to your workforce and see them perform like never before, their true selves.