Create a performance based culture/Performance through People in india

Ensure crossfunctional alignment,timely feedback and recognition, streamline company goals with Qandle


Objectives & Key Results

Tracking of employees objectives and achievements.


360 Degree Feedbacks

live exchange of feedback between everyone in the organization.


One-on-one Meetings

keeping track of team meetings.


Regular Updates

Enable managers to record live updates of teams.

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For Transparent Employee Performance Appraisal in india

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Why Qandle Performance?

Performance Management - Setup and track performance reviews cycle seamlessly in india , enable year-round continuous feedback practices and access insightful analytics for team development!

What is Performance Management Software?Performance management system refers to the overall process deployed by the organization to improve the performance of the employees in india concerning the desired goals of the organization.To effectively carry out performance management in an organization, an established system with set parameters plays a key role in motivating employees to perform as per their skills. The system deployed to bring out the best in employees and track their performance for subsequent performance appraisal is called Performance Management System or Performance Management Software. People are the largest asset of any organization. Invariable motivation and inspiration drive any individual’s performance. Enterprise solutions like employee performance management software tools are like the cherry on the top for any growing business or a well established one in the rampantly growing universe to ensure improvised productivity, quality, and efficiency of the workforce. In order to manage the performance of an organization as a whole, you need to manage minute tasks in a shrewd manner. Hence, one needs to relate the use of technology by automation of the functionalities of its departments. 79% of executives believe that the redesign of performance management in india is a high priority.


Real time feedback

Provide and document regular feedback and updates on individual and team performances. in india


Multi-Stakeholder Feedback

Flexible and easy to structure and track feedback from multiple sources.


Flexible Assessment Approaches

Balanced scorecards, competence rating.


Performance Appraisal

Seamless employee appraisal with easy to use appraisal forms, grading sheets, and feedbacks.


Social Recognition

Recognize and appreciate small and large successes for all to see.



Robust set of ready-to-use and custom analytics for assessment, feedback, and continuous improvement

What else does Qandle offer?



Compensation Structuring

Customize payroll policies and incentives and create flexible CTC structures by department, location, grade etc. in india



All-In-One best HRMS in india Platform

A single integrated platform covering every activity in an employee's lifecycle - from Recruitment to Exit.



Record Work from Home in india

Record Employees work from home productivity seamlessly.

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  • India is a country known for its rich culture and heritage.India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. India is now developing a global hub for Manufacturing, IT and Consulting Sectors. India is also coming up as the SaaS software capital of the world being the origin of many global SaaS organizations. Qandle being an HRMS,HR SaaS company, is also trying to add to this list of global SaaS organizations from India

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