Learning And Development Tools for your employees

Custom training programs

Create training programs, assign ownership to training managers and manage online, self paced or classroom trainings


Enrollment & Nomination

Ensure proper attendee management by allowing employees to register themselves or by enabling managers to nominate attendees

Online Learning And Development Tools
Learning and Development software

Attendee Record

Maintain training wise attendance information and check who attended the training programs


Automated Reminders

Never miss a training again with system generated automated reminders to all attendees

Learning and Development software System
best learning and development software

Completion certificates

Maintain certificate templates, and assign to employees post training completion


Course feedback

Capture and maintain a repository of training feedback given by attendees. Plan future trainings based on the feedback received

Learning and Development Tool
Schedule and manage

Schedule and manage

Manage all types of training sessions - online, classroom or self paced

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Add power to your employees withQandle’s all-in-one learning and development tool!

Qandle offers an ideal platform for learning and development, which is specifically designed to meet your business needs.

Qandle's learning and development platform

Qandle offers all the must-have features of a learning and development tool.

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Assessment Techniques

Assessment is a crucial part of learning and development since it tells you how much knowledge your employees have. Qandle offers a wide range of e-learning methods along with question templates. You can also impart real world experience and simulations to improve employee performance.

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Reporting and Analytics

Qandle offers flexible reporting and analytics to properly manage all your learning programs. Visual representation and customized reports can be utilized to find the effectiveness of various operations. The reporting and analytics also help you find gaps and align your training processes to achieve business goals.

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Feedback System

A learning and development tool is incomplete without having a proper feedback system. Qandle features a built-in feedback system that gathers and organizes information. It provides an opportunity for employees to give their feedback after the training sessions. It helps you determine whether the training program was effective and ways to improve it in future.

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Personalization Features

Every employee needs a different kind of training program that concentrates on their skills, strengths and weaknesses. Qandle's learning and development program is customizable that allows you to offer a better learning experience for the employees. It also allows employees to train more in specific areas that need improvements.

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Qandle allows you to change and develop your training programs as your company grows. Since this learning and development tool operates on cloud, all employees can easily access training programs from their mobile phones. Once you have opted for Qandle, you don't have to worry about replacements. Since a feedback system is also available, you can easily make changes to your training programs and make it better.

What isLearning and Development Software?

Learning and development software helps you to improve an employee's skills, knowledge, potential, etc to make him perform better. It has two aspects, learning and development. Learning comprises acquiring knowledge and skills while development is the process of improving those skills. An l&d software allows you to track and monitor all your learning and development activities.

Benefits of havinglearning and development software

Using a well-designed learning and development tool can positively impact your business. Take a look at the primary benefits of using l&d software.

Save Time and Money

You no longer need to worry about the cost of assigning in-person training at location. You can also save travel expenses since l&d software works on cloud. Employees can also attend training sessions from their mobile phones, even when they are working. This increases productivity and speed of work. As mentioned above, it's easy for companies to edit training materials as the company grows. It also contributes to saving time and money.

Better Training Programs

Good training programs always attract talent. A learning and development tool enables you to conduct better, fast and effective training programs. Since all the processes are automated, the training programs will be completed quickly. Employees can also access training materials from anywhere anytime. It gives more freedom and time for them to learn. This process also attracts more talent and you will be able to hire the best candidates.

Social Integration

Most of us use social media these days. You can easily integrate social learning into your e-learning technology with l&d software. Since the learning and development tool works through the internet, you add links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc to benefit the learners. You can also advertise your training programs through social media to attract talents and increase collaboration.

Better Accessibility

The learning and development tool offers equal opportunities to employees in different fields, time zones, etc. Online training sessions are more convenient and effective for learners. Because, they can access the training programs from anywhere anytime at their convenience. Offline training requires multiple classrooms, trainers and time slots. E-learning eliminates all these barriers and offers an ideal platform for employees to improve their skills and knowledge.

Improved Employee Communication

Learning and development software provides a smooth platform for managers and employees to communicate effectively. It allows managers to send custom notifications to employees in time. This is difficult during traditional training sessions because the instructor has to deal with many learners at the same time.

Why Choose Qandle As YourLearning and Development Tool?

Check out the main reasons why Qandle is one the leading learning and development platforms.

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Custom Training Sessions

Qandle allows you to assign training programs to managers and manage them online easily. You can also monitor and track classroom training programs using personalised dashboards.

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Enrollment And Nomination

Qandle ensures proper management of attendees by enabling employees to register themselves. This learning and development tool also allows managers to nominate attendees.

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Candidate Records

Qandle allows you to maintain a proper training wise attendance data. It helps you check who attended the training sessions easily.

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Automated Reminders

You will never miss a training session since Qandle sends system generated alerts to all attendees in time.

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Qandle enables you to provide training completion certificates to employees who has successfully completed the training programs. Certificate templates are also available in this learning and development tool.

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Employee Feedback

You can gather feedback from employees who successfully completed the training programs. This allows you to make necessary improvements in your training programs and enhance employee satisfaction.

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Qandle allows you to schedule and manage all types of training programs from a single location.