Must have features of aDocument Management System


The various papers are automatically indexed by a DMS software based on the type of content. If the material is about management, the filing system will seek for words like that. It depicts the document's whole physical path from creation to expiration.

Document Libraries

The document library is another amazing must-have feature. All documents are stored in a document library. It allows everyone to read, write, and store documents in a single location. Here you can create document types, records portal or even an engaging intranet as it suits your organisation.

Frame Sound Information Policy

Your organization's papers are governed by an information policy. It specifies who has access to information in your organisation, how long they are allowed to keep it, and what changes they are allowed to make, among other things. It establishes the life cycle and flow of different documents.

Monitor Progress

Another feature is versioning, which ensures that any modification you make to a document is stored with a version number. It also includes the control approval feature. It enables those with the required permissions to publish documents. You can remark on text changes and even specific versions using the check-out and check-in feature.

Metadata management

The racks in a typical file management system are named for the file type. A file may occasionally belong on two shelves, causing confusion. However, metadata is used by an online document management system to do this. Metadata is a collection of data that provides context for other data. Simply explained, metadata is a type of tag you can add to an online document. DMS allows users to create a metadata library that supports other users with tags that are already in place, avoiding duplication of effort and reducing search time.

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