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Quickly revise your salary during revision cycles

With Qandle, you can keep track of all salary revisions that have been pending. Qandle allows you to make salary adjustments in the future as well. As for missed salary revisions, Qandle payroll handles the backlog

Optimize salary structures for maximum net pay

With Qandle, you have access to optimized salary templates. In addition, the templates can be customized to fit all salary ranges, senior executives, and floor teams

Creating and automating reward compensation plans

Compensation Management optimizes employee rewards, ensuring fair pay, motivation, and retention while aligning with organizational goals.

Instantly transform compensation data

Admins can manipulate data directly into a commission-ready state using our data ingestion layer, saving them time and effort cleaning files beforehand. Formulas and tooltips are pre-built, allowing anyone to quickly and easily create calculations

Calculate incentive compensation quickly and easily

Real-time calculations of your incentive compensation plans for any rep, plan, and pay period. Using Qandle compensation management software, we can detect any potential mistakes right away

Employee salary revision history

With Qandle, employees can see all their salary changes and variable performance bonuses. Additionally, Qandle allows you to record any additional notes against these revisions

Get real-time insights into pay equity

Pay decisions shouldn't be made in the dark. Visualize data on pay equity, performance, and more for stronger compensation analysis. This will allow you to identify and resolve potential risks easily

Take the spreadsheets out of the picture

Get rid of complicated commission calculations to free up time for your team to work on more strategic tasks. With Qandle, you can create efficiencies across the board - quickly closing payroll accruals and keeping a complete audit trail

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Get the most cout of effective compensation management

By leveraging our Compensation Management in HRM, your organization can transform its employee compensation approach. By combining advanced technology and intuitive design, our platform makes your compensation strategy more effective. Let go of tedious, inefficient manual calculations. We automate the entire compensation process to save you time and money.

The key to our software's success is its capability to provide data-driven insights. By combining real-time analytics with comprehensive market data, compensation structures can be created that are competitive and fair. By unlocking the power of our Compensation Management Software, you can enhance employee satisfaction, attract and retain top talent, and enhance your compensation strategy.

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Qandle: Brings the new world of compensation management to the

No more fuss around managing compensation. Bring in Qandle compensation management software to the picture and get hold of one stop shop for managing compensation that introduces you to the new world of compensation management at ease.

The goal of Qandle is to manage and deliver your compensation simply and securely. We believe that a single platform can simplify tasks and mitigate risk by delivering salary, bonuses, and long-term incentives, among other crucial details. We strive to provide the highest quality modules. Therefore, you can never compromise and still get disappointing results.

To meet your organization's needs, our compensation management software is customized to meet your organization's specific requirements. To ensure your needs are met as your company grows and scales, a continued solution is necessary. Let's help there, too. Count on Qandle Compensation management software. You can always count on the timely and accurate completion of your compensation processes.

Talent markets today require more detailed benchmarking of compensation. Using Qandle, you can determine whether or not your employees are satisfied with your pay ranges and retention risks.

Keep talent motivated and motivated to stay ahead of business changes. Using Qandle's compensation management software, companies can improve the efficiency of their sales compensation programs while decreasing the risk of manual compensation management
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Frequently asked

Qandle Compensation management software makes most of your work easier. We have answered some easy questions to help you understand our software at its best.

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The purpose of compensation management software is to ensure that employees are offered competitive compensation packages based on streamlined employee data and budgets that are taken into account. By using it, you will be able to automate your compensation analysis and gain better insight into what your employees are worth.

The Qandle compensation management system allows you to manage compensation plans in various ways. With feature rich interface and insightful analytics, you can compare salaries and analyze upcoming salaries.

For companies to keep top talent, compensation planning has to be strategic. It takes more than spreadsheets to make compensation planning successful. Here, Qandle compensation management software comes in and facilitates compensation strategy and plan management.

An effective compensation management system can assist managers in making informed decisions about recruitment and compensation. Cutting-edge compensation can help employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Qandle is distinguished for providing a range of features, a user-friendly interface, robust analytics, and unmatched customer support. Our goal is to deliver a product and transform your compensation strategy.

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