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Qandle App sends employees reminders when they miss marking the attendance and asks them intuitively to apply for a leave or regularization. They can take an action with a single tap on their device screen.


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HR Chatbot to ElevateEmployee Engagement and Workrate

At present, when you look around at how you manage day-to-day tasks, you see the role automation plays in making things happen. In fact, automation has become a standard prerequisite to running things without having the fear of errors or any other anomalies. Right from automatically forwarding emails, to preset links upon each click, foundational sectors like business, education, healthcare, etc. run on such a degree of automation. In modern business, employees play a larger role in crafting better alternatives to functions and being incessantly creative than carrying out routine tasks. Such a shift requires a strong automation system to take care of all routine tasks and be of constant assistance. Let us look at the prominence of chatbots in HR and how Qandle poses to be one of the best HR chatbots available.

Why Have Qandle’sVery Own HR Chatbot?

Truly Paperless

You are linked to a never ending array of complicated papers to ensure governance, and other compliances. While it provides tangible evidence and creates actual documentation, it is subject to being very difficult to store, manage and prevent from possible damage and accidents. Hence, Qandle brings along a system that truly encourages paperless modes of documentation and adds to the necessary steps required to reduce the organization’s carbon footprints.

Remote Onboarding

One major bonus of this feature is preventing the hassle that is involved with providing physical documents and engaging in an extensive process during onboarding. With remote onboarding, the new employees would simply have to attach their documents from their gallery and the entire process can be done without face-to-face interactions and physical documents involved.

Automate Verification Process

Employee verification is a vital part of recruitment. As a recruitment chatbot, the function demands that it is carried out efficiently without errors, to make sure who you hired matches with the credentials. And for that purpose, Qandle understands the assignment.

Automate Offer Letter Acceptance Process

By directly handing out the offer letter to your prospective candidates through the HR bot, they get the chance to download and accept or reject within that medium, which makes the entire exchange more professional.

New Hire Engagement Before Joining

Just like employee retention is important, it is also worth the efforts to keep your new hires engaged with icebreakers or what lies ahead so that your company minimizes drop-outs. Once new hires accept the offer and before they start with work, engagement is possible through the medium of the Qandle HR chatbot.

Employee Onboarding on Autopilot

While recruitment requires attention from the HR, most often their entire focus cannot lie at recruitment alone but other tasks like employee welfare, notice period, etc. Which is why Qandle lets you set up the onboarding process once and simply does the rest required at onboarding.

Remove Language Barriers

As an employee chatbot, your purpose lies at serving for the benefit and convenience of the employees. One of the most prevalent issues underlying employees within an organization is the diversity and the effect it has on communication and getting tasks done. Qandle boldly steps out to make onboarding and recruitment more friendly towards employees by carrying out the entire process in the language that each employee is comfortable with. Qandle supports a set of local languages and has the option to set language based on each employee.

Autocorrect Easily

Mistakes happen, even at a place where it cannot be afforded. Qandle ensures an autocorrect system that identifies errors and other mistakes and automatically corrects it so that the content is always accurate and error free.

Autofill Forms

As a new hire, you probably would have had to fill up long details in innumerous forms until you found the right place. Qandle realises the frustration it can cause and seeks to prevent that and additionally save time by having an autofill process to your forms based on the details fetched by the documents that are uploaded.

More On Key Features of Qandle HR Software

The Ultimate HR Platform

Qandle is an umbrella solution with apps that cater payroll, attendance and tracking systems. Qandle provides you the perfect ground to build your business and cultivate success. It functions as a payroll app for small businesses by assisting the management with their various tools. They are widely regarded as one of the best HR software for small businesses.

Easy Setup

The primary objective surrounding Qandle is always aiming towards making HR management more effective, convenient and easy for users. It goes out of its way to ensure they prevent complicated installation processes and time consuming setup. It has an easy setup of 2 weeks period, wherein they avoid any installation processes. If you are a user who wants to switch, past data and company policies transfer are a few clicks away.

Future Driven

Qandle is ever ready for the increasing demands of the uprising world, with an unwavering determination towards the future. Qandle keeps future focus at its pedestal, and for that reason, it provides you with latest technologies and integrates mobile system orientation with superior analytics for precise action calls to garner customers long into the future.

Active Payroll & Compliance

When it comes to payroll management, there are just no shortcomings. Qandle equips a full-service Payroll Software with active integration, that is error-free and compliant.

Expense Management

Track expenses liable by the company that includes end-to-end business and travel expenses administration concerning all employees and managers.

Bank Grade High Security

Business flows through a proper channel of security for its information. Your data is to be dealt with high grade security and Qandle understands the assignment. With Qandle, end-to-end encryption is present for all transmitted data.

Fully Configurable

Meet your company's specially tailored policies and unique processes with an entirely configurable system.

Loved By Employees

Regarding being employee friendly, our product is loved by well over 550 clients consisting of managers and employees. They specifically direct it towards its easy functionality and engagement strategies.


The pricing is fairly nominal as compared to the number of functions that are made available. There are no lock-ins present apart from our product and service quality.

Want To Learn More About HR Chatbot?

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What is an HR Chatbot?

In simple terms, an HR Chatbot is referred to as a computer program that processes communication that enables people to interact with digital devices concerning the work surrounding HR. An HR bot simulates human interactions so that these interactions are not unfamiliar or complicated, and hence acts as an exterior employee outside of the workforce. Chatbots can be answering machines to routine questions about the business or extensively provide cumulative solutions to many more tasks that can benefit from automation.

What Makes Up The Best HR Chatbots?

Chatbots set its rudimentary functions defined by AI, machine learning, natural-language processing (NLP) and automatic rules. This helps in channeling a chatbot towards a specific purpose to carry out specific tasks, like the chatbots in HR or even an employee engagement chatbot. When you step out to avail the services of the best HR chatbot, make sure you checklist all or most of these functions :-

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Provide Information

Provide an extensive analysis on the employees that they work for and have indicators to measure their performance, morale, workrate, etc. It is also effective to highlight each individual’s strong points so that their reinforcement can be approached from that angle.

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Edit and Delete Tasks

As an automated helpdesk, it should provide for instant edits to existing plans or have the option to remove them.

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As an HR bot, the main function comes in surveillance of employees. This tracking involves attendance, leave management, onboarding, time, etc.

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Automate Routine Tasks

Ideally you would want your HR bot to take the weight on your shoulders concerning daily tasks that are essential yet drives no business.

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Service Finder

Chatbots in HR should help you find a service related to HR and engage in automatic search results.

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Provide Information on Terms and Policies

This is crucial in order to make your business stay compliant and stay updated.

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Get Reminders

This factor doesn’t confine to just one function or maybe not even towards HR alone, but it can provide reminders of working hours, leave, performance, etc. that can drive action plans.

When is it Time For You to Have an HR Chatbot?

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Your company has multiple branches with a centralised HR department

Your individual branches might have different and unique policies and methods of working, but there still may be some central governing and actionable tasks involved. With an employee chatbot you can carry out tasks along the different branches and also compare each wing’s performance with analytics.

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You have a small HR department, but a growing strength of workforce

It is the most obvious thing to employ an HR chatbot when the number of employees in the company increases while your HR department remains the same. Adding a chatbot acts as an additional HR wing to support HR related activities and majorly carry out daily tasks without error so that the HR can focus towards tasks that drive sales and growth.

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You have Frequent Hiring, in numbers

When you plan on a large number of onboarding, or deal with innumerous candidates, you would highly appreciate the assistance of an automated chatbot to run tasks on the side.

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Your HR team spends more time in the same communications

When your HR has to devote a lot of their work just towards extending some same conversations, that is a sign for that field to be kept under an HR chatbot.

What Are Some Major HR Chatbot Questions?

  • I would like to take leave
  • What is my current leave balance?
  • How many leaves did I avail last year?
  • What is the company policy on sick leaves?
  • Can you give me last month’s salary receipt?
  • I would like to change my permanent address
  • Can I register for a course?
  • Show me the holidays coming up this month
  • Who is responsible for sales operations?
  • Show me details about your HR chatbot
  • What is the company's strength currently?
  • Show me the open jobs in marketing in the company

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