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Bring your payroll process to the Next level with our end-to-end Payroll system solution and services

Get 5x quicker reimbursements for employee expenses.

Utilize Qandle payroll system to manage expenses more efficiently. Creating a reimbursement approval workflow will make claiming reimbursements easier and faster for employees.

Reports and real-time data

With Qandle payroll software, you can easily generate detailed payroll reports. With payroll management system, you can view standard reports that include pay rates, contributions to taxes, employee data, payroll history, bank transfers, contractor payments, and vacation balances.

Integrate seamlessly

Qandle HR payroll software allows you to integrate seamlessly with any other system or platform you may have in place. Our payroll management software ensures all the key processes are seamlessly integrated and synced, so that all payroll work can be handled seamlessly.

A centralized, secure platform

Using our employee payroll management system, all payroll information and HR records are securely stored. With the Qandle payroll processing system, you will always know what documents you are looking for and have access just by logging in.

Quickly and easily disburse salaries!

Using Qandle automated payroll system, you no longer have to worry about calculating employee salaries. Make sure that payroll is synchronized with the best payroll software to ensure 100% accuracy in salary calculations, quick salary distribution, and total transparency in salary disbursement.

Self-service empowers employees.

Employees' user experience is prioritized alongside yours at Qandle. Our HR and payroll software is a simple way to view and edit pay stubs and with holding information saves time and gives your employees a better experience.

Bonus & Other Payables

Are you looking for a way to motivate your employees with some incentives? Using the Qandle employee payroll management system, you make many additional payment options in a few easy steps.

Employee satisfaction

Qandle payroll system software gives you all the tools you'll need to run your business. By enhancing employee satisfaction and retention, Qandle web payroll hrms contributes to employee retention. As a result, there is no need for rework or compliance errors. Additionally, it helps build a dazzling employer brand.

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Investing in Payroll software closely monitors every stage of

Qandle HR payroll solutions are incredibly thorough and complete. With the most extensive payroll software on the market today, Qandle never misses a beat. This system solution does not miss a detail. Nothing is left undone.

Qandle payroll management system software has been serving tens of thousands of clients and businesses to handle payroll issues. Input to payout, claims to compliance, and self-service to settlements, Qandle hr payroll management software lets you take control of all payroll processes.

The Qandle excellent payroll software lets you focus on your growing business instead of spending time on payroll. The business payroll software gives you complete control over the payroll process. Our best payroll software for accountants can revolutionize your payroll operations right now.

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Transforming the Payroll Process with a Premium Payroll management

With Qandle HR and payroll solutions it's easy to make payroll more efficient and stay compliant. Human error is inevitable whether your organization is a small business or a large corporation. With the Qandle payroll management system, you can ensure that your payroll is processed accurately and with no errors.

By automating your payroll processes efficiently, our state-of-the-art payroll software can help you accomplish your goals. Welcome a one-stop Payroll system solution with open hands.

With Qandle payroll software small to large businesses can easily configure and customize their payroll needs. Our payroll software simplifies payroll management, whether employees are salaried, hourly, or temporary.

Although Qandle payroll software has preconfigured options, users can configure it to maximize its value.

Compliance with statutory requirements and various payroll-related challan submissions can be challenging. With Qandle payroll system software, you can reduce the number of data entry errors and increase the accuracy of your results. Our HRMS and payroll software allows you to file your taxes, prepare bank statements, or calculate your payroll while minimizing human error. Qandle offers payroll and HR solutions for businesses!

It's easy to use Qandle payroll software. It takes just a few minutes to get the hang of the software. With Qandle payroll service software, you can manage payroll, salary payments, leave, and expenses. It's easy to learn, so seasoned and new customers can use it.

Using the Qandle payroll management system, you minimize your effort and automate the process. It is suitable for all types of organizations, large and small. By simplifying and accurateing your work, our online payroll system makes it easier for you. Using our employee database and payroll management system, you can calculate employee salaries, one-time contractor payments, etc.

With the Qandle payroll system, you can customize and configure features easily. Using our self-configurable payroll software, you can easily modify salary structures and heads to suit your needs. Choose from various salary structures, pay periods, and payslip formats. The software allows you to customize statutory reports, bank reports, and more to meet the needs of your business.
 Customizable and highly configurable payroll software

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Frequently asked

Qandle Payroll Management System makes most of your work easier. We have answered some easy questions to help you understand our software at its best.

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Payroll management software allows an organization to disburse salaries all at once. With Payroll software, HR can automate tasks like employee attendance, leaves, working hours, and tax calculations, eliminating manual errors and saving time on compliance.

Qandle HR and Payroll solutions offer a great deal of benefit for small and medium-sized businesses. HR and payroll issues are too important for SMEs in a fast-paced environment. With our HR and payroll system, companies can eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on what's important.

Our payroll solution is flexible enough to consider all types of pay structures. The salary component is configured so employees with the same salary structure can have a different amount for that component.

Qandle Payroll software helps employees by ensuring they receive their salary on time and accurately. Our system helps prevent technical compliance mistakes and ensures smooth and efficient business operations. Additionally, the software provides employees access to their pay slips for viewing and downloading.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from payroll management systems. By controlling payroll functions, streamlining operations, tracking employee information electronically, and ensuring compliance with ever-changing tax laws, you can effectively manage payroll.

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