Compliance updates

Auto updates and checks for ever-changing regulations

HR compliance software to help companies
Real Time Data and Compliance Management Software

Easy tracking

Dashboard to track submissions and reconcile challans easily


Statutory reports

Access different statutory reports anywhere, anytime

Best HR Compliance Software for Cloud
Top HR Compliance Software

Payroll registers

View and download requisite statutory payroll registers and musters


TDS returns

Get all the information you need to file the TDS returns at one place automatically

HR Compliance Software system
hr compliance management system

Provident fund

Setup PF rules based on employee groups and stay compliant. Get auto generated ECR files once payroll is run


ESI compliance

Auto configured ESI computation and applicability rules within salary structures for easy compliance. Automatic generation of the output files required for return filing

HR Compliance Software
State specific Professional tax calculations

State specific Professional tax calculations

Built in state specific PT regulations and automatic deductions


State specific Labour welfare fund calculations

Automatic calculations of LWF deductions based on employee locations

State specific Labour welfare fund calculations

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What is HR compliance software?

As you know, HR compliance is the development of processes and policies that make sure your business is running according to the laws and regulations. HR compliance software will assist you to stay up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations. The application will help you with employee safety, data security, payroll and other factors. The app is designed to check, track and monitor various processes to ensure they are aligned with employment laws, standard working conditions, etc.

What is HR compliance checklist

HR compliance checklist is a valuable tool to manage information regarding various policies and regulations. These documents help you handle HR compliance audits effectively. It also helps you ensure that your company is aligned with HR compliance procedures. These checklists are created to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to keep track for various processes. It's simply a collection of records which are necessary when a compliance audit is conducted. This data is either stored as hardcopies or digital records.
Here is an HR compliance checklist to help you get a better idea about HR compliance.

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Hiring Process

The hiring program should have a proper procedure to follow. It should include offer letters, contracts, etc. There should not be any discrimination based on religion, colour, nationality, etc.

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The checklist also includes details about the recruitment process along with job description, responsibilities, etc. It is common for all kinds of businesses. There should be an adherence to laws like the Fair Employment and Housing Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, etc.

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Company Policies

All the company policies should be included in the employee's handbook provided to them. It should also include Health Insurance Pay, Rehabilitation Services, Equal Pay, etc. An employee handbook should also include all the answers to queries like training programs, employee benefits, etc.

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Rules and Regulations

Regular sexual harassment awareness programs should be conducted regularly. You should also check on workplace bullying, and ensure a drug free environment.

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Working Hours and Leaves

Employees have the right to be compensated for their working hours and take leaves if applicable. It also includes working from home, travelling, overtime, etc. Also, a paid leave policy should be established in the company.

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Unemployment Benefits

Employees dismissed from a company due to performance issues will get unemployment benefits under HR compliance. But people dismissed during the probationary period, people who left without notice and people dismissed due to conduct reasons are not eligible to claim these benefits.

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Training and Webinars

Training programs should be conducted for employees regularly. It can be conducted through webinars or through traditional classroom methods. It should also include performance appraisals, feedback, counselling, giving extra training for difficult employees, etc.

Benefits of using HR compliance software

The following are the major benefits of employing a well-designed HR compliance software.

HR compliance software will help you keep track of the working hours of the employees easily. It is to make sure that all employees get fair recognition and reward for their efforts.

The attendance management system of HR compliance software will help you to monitor break hours of the employees. It allows you to encourage employees to take timely breaks and maintain a healthy work life balance. You can also determine how much time employees are not working and take appropriate actions.

HR compliance software allows employees to apply for leaves as applicable easily with the leave management system. They can also request for paid leaves easier if applicable.

The application also helps employees to manage their various insurance policies like medical insurance with ease.

Storing the employee data in a secured location is one of the most important processes. HR compliance software guarantees a complete protection of the personal details of employees. It is stored safely in a single location and automatically deleted when an employee leaves the company.

Why choose Qandle as yourHR compliance software?

Qandle offers a variety of hr compliance solutions that makes it one of the best hcm software.

Auto Updates

Qandle automatically checks and updates the ever changing rules and regulations. You don't have to worry about new rules and regulations. It also saves you time and effort of finding new rules and regulations and adapting them to your business.


Qandle's dashboard will help you follow submissions and reconcile challans with ease. There's no need for manual tracking since it's a difficult and time consuming process.


You can access the various statutory reports easily under this section. It can be accessed anywhere anytime, even from your mobile phone. It can be utilised to gain insights since the reports generated are accurate and up-to-date.

Payroll Registers

You can view and download the relevant statutory registers and musters quickly using Qandle. It can be done quite easily since all the relevant data can be accessed from a single location.

TDS Returns

Qandle offers a single platform to manage all the important data to file the TDS returns.

Provident Fund

You can easily set up provident fund rules according to employee groups and stay compliant. Qandle also offers auto-generated ECR files once the payroll is run.

ESI Compliance

Qandle also provides auto configured ESI computation and applicability rules according to salary structures for easy compliance. You will also get auto-generated output files needed for return filing.

Automatic Calculations

Qandle automatically calculates Labour Welfare Fund deductions according to the location of employees. The app also features built-in state specific professional tax regulations along with automatic deductions.