Why Do Organizations Use Qandle as their Payroll Management Software?

There is a growing popularity among the organizations to employ Qandle as their Payroll Management Software to streamline and manage the entire payment process while ensuring a lot of advantages including:

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Timeliness & Accuracy

There is no denying the fact that payments to employees are a complicated and time-consuming task when it is done manually. With Qandle's Payroll Management Software, you don't have to worry about the thing. You can be sure that employees are paid the right amount and on time. It is a win-to-win solution that offers advantages to both the employees and your organization. It will satisfy your employee and in return, they will give their best effort for your organization.

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By integrating the Payroll Management Software with other lines of business such as finance and accounting, you can offer transparency that will help your organization to stay on budget, deliver timely reports and plan for the future.

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Qandle’s Payroll Management Software offers flexibility so that it can easily adapt to any change. Suppose, you have changed the location of your office in such a new region that needs different taxes and regulations. In this case, Qandle’s Payroll Management Software will automatically incorporate the new rules.

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Unlike the manual and outdated payroll process, now the Payroll Management Software of Qandle can help you save a lot of time by automating the time-consuming processes. It allows the HR team to devote the time to several other critical business initiatives and more strategic tasks.

Know More about Our Payroll System & Switch to Qandle

If you are still relying on running payroll with a fragmented data system, it is time for you to look for the smarter choice i.e. to have satisfactory Payroll Management Software in the place. By implementing our Payroll Management Software, you are also getting help from our experienced payroll team. They will provide you with accurate and timely payroll so that it can comply with the evolving rules and regulations of the legislation and the market.

Now look at the stunning features of Qandle’s Payroll Management Software:

Compensation Structuring

Restructure your payroll process with Qandle’s customizing payroll policies and incentives to create flexible CTC structures especially when you are likely to have employees from different fields and backgrounds. It will help you divide them in your payroll according to the roles and tasks they play.

Flexi Pay

It will enable you to set rules for Flexi pay components so that your employees can decide their preferred salary structures. It results in reducing discrepancies between the management and employees regarding pay distribution.

Employee Self Service

You can empower your employee by enabling them to view their CTC, download salary and reimbursement slips, tax slips, PF/ESI statements, and many more.

Statutory Reports

You can access different statutory compliance reports including PF, PT, ESI, LWF, etc all the time whenever you want.

Complete Settlement

Qandle's Payroll Management Software will help your HR team automatically syncs all related data to offer your employee a seamless exit process. Thus it helps an organization maintain a good reputation for its employees.

Multiple Payroll Plans

It will enable your HR team to create specific pay plans for different employees according to their needs with custom workflows.

Checks & Balances

Manual errors can be rectified with Qandle’s Payroll Management Software as it automates the checks and balances at regular intervals.

Choose Qandle’s Payroll Management Software &Add Value to Your Business & Organization

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All-in-One HR Platform

Qandle is a one-stop solution for your all HR needs ranging from payroll, attendance, and leave management to simple HR needs. It can assist the management with various tools to work as a payroll app for businesses.

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Future Ready

Qandle is efficient enough to meet the increasing demands of the future. It can provide you with the latest technologies and effective analytics and thus gets the best customer response.

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Qandle's payroll management software is loved and accepted by more than 600 clients all over India because of its easy functionality, flexibility, and reliability that it offers.

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If you compare it with other Payroll Management Software, you can find that the pricing that it demands is nominal. Moreover, there are no lock-ins involved except for our product and service quality.

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Claims & Advances

We offer a smooth transition of payroll-related management to the employees. It simply means that Qandle adds value to the workplace with its inside and outside salary framework.

Stop Your Search for the Best Payroll Management Software With Qandle

We know how difficult it is to manage several crucial tasks of your business especially when it comes to payroll management. We will make this task easy for you by offering you a cumulative solution to your payroll management. Qandle has proved to be a game-changer for a huge number of clients. Now it is time for you to ease your burden on management with the help of Qandle, the Best Payroll Management System Solution.

It is featured with a robust structure to properly configure virtual software helping your organization to be compliant with up-to-date business regulations by cutting costs and allocating. So, if you want to increase the overall productivity of your organization by automating the HR processes, Qandle is here to help you!

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