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What is an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

An Application tracking system is simply a HR software that works as a database for job candidates. Companies of all sizes utilize applicant tracking systems to organise, search, and communicate with huge groups of applicants. The primary purpose of an applicant tracking system (ATS) or Applicant Tracking Software is to make the lives of recruiters and hiring managers a breeze!

Companies frequently employ for many roles at the same time, and each job posting attracts hundreds, if not thousands, of applications. When a recruiter or hiring manager receives a large number of resumes, it is impossible for them to study each one attentively. This is where an ATS comes in handy. It simplifies or in other words, automates searching, which helps to save time and reduce even the slightest chances of human error. You may even keep your data organised and available to all of your team members using an Application Tracking System. ATS also encourages collaborative hiring by offering commenting and sharing options that allow recruiters to provide input on candidates to the rest of the team.

what is applicant tracking system ATS
how an Application Tracking System works

Here’s how an Application Tracking System works

Applicants' contact information, experience, educational background, resume, and cover letter are all entered into the database when they apply for a job online. As candidates progress through the hiring process, the data can be transmitted from one system component to another.

Recruiters can use the system to assess applications, send candidates automated messages confirming receipt of their applications, and administer online examinations. The ATS allows hiring managers to arrange interviews and send rejection letters. Finally, after someone is employed, human resources employees can utilise the same information to place them on the payroll.


Benefits of using an ATS System


Accelerates the process of CV Screening

Everyone admits that manually screening every single application for a new position is exhausting for recruiters. Only a few make it to a face-to-face interview, indicating a severe workload. An applicant tracking system (ATS) automates the initial screening of all applications by matching prospects to job requirements using algorithms. Those who do not satisfy the basic standards are rejected, while those who do fulfil the minimum requirements are graded based on qualification indications. This saves recruiters time and prevents them from being too fatigued to appropriately identify promising candidates.


Both the employer and the agency benefit from a flexible system

Using an applicant monitoring system clearly benefits recruitment agencies. Short listings, interview comments, and all other co-ordinations may be handled effortlessly online, which is a blessing even for the customer. Consider how much more efficient you'll be if you don't have to deal with many emails, excel sheets, and recall notes, appointments, and other details because everything is now handled on a single platform.


Job Posting Made Simple

With an applicant tracking software, you may post job openings on many sites with just one click. You don't have to create and log in to separate accounts for each social media network in order to post the job. Furthermore, you won't have to keep track of each social media site and the outcomes generated by each post separately. The analytics from each platform will be collected and represented by an automated Applicant Tracking System.


Improves Candidate Experience

Applicant Tracking Systems not only make the hiring process more efficient, but they also improve the candidate experience, which is critical to the hiring process's success. Candidates may, after all, become your future ambassadors. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are a critical component of the digital recruitment era. There's no denying that businesses need to change their strategies and incorporate tech solutions that help them hire better and faster.


Improved Hire Costs

We all know that most businesses cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a costly screening process every time they need to hire new employees. Similarly, these companies cannot afford to hire the wrong person due to an inefficient hiring procedure, as it would cost them significantly more in the long run. The cost per recruit has decreased dramatically since the advent of the Applicant Tracking Software on the market.


Inter-departmental communication has improved.

A confident exterior is the result of a powerful interior. Insufficient information and poor communication between departments, such as your agency and the hiring manager, are two of the most common issues encountered during the recruitment process. An applicant tracking system improves communication between members of the recruiting team as well as those involved in the process. It also allows you to effortlessly send messages to several persons and assign jobs in a logical order. Furthermore, any member of the team can contribute, leaving notes, ratings, and feedback on each candidate.


Collaborative Hiring is Made Easier

Applicant tracking systems have incredible capabilities that make collaborative hiring a breeze. HR teams can easily and rapidly share notes and evaluations on each prospect, allowing for a collaborative decision-making process in which each recruiter has a voice.Companies gain greatly from collaborative recruiting since it allows them to construct more diverse and successful teams.


Decisions That Are Both Faster And Better

When it comes to employing a workforce for a company, there is no room for error, and a single bad decision can be costly to the firm's bottom line. An applicant tracking software provides full access to all applications, and presenting them all in one place aids in the development of better and faster methods. An applicant tracking system (ATS) streamlines your recruiting agency's numerous processes, giving you the confidence to make data-driven decisions.


Accelerates the Recruitment Process

Having all of a candidate's information streamlined and organised in one place allows recruiters to get a better picture of the hiring process. Automated communication tools shorten the recruitment process by making it easier to give general follow-up and transfer prospects to the next stage. Recruiters can build and execute a more effective workflow with the help of an applicant tracking system.


Say goodbye to unnecessary resumes

Most of the time, people apply for jobs blindly, without considering the job's qualifications and whether or not the candidate meets all of them. In such circumstances, HR faces a great deal of aggravation as they must sift through hundreds of applications, weed out the ones that are relevant to the job, and then select the best candidates for the job. Recruiters don't have to keep searching their addresses for something else because of the Candidate Tracking Program. The recruiting CRM collects resumes and shows candidate data in a way that allows for quick and easy comparisons.


Interview Scheduling is now simple

Most of the time, people apply for jobs blindly, without considering the job's qualifications and whether or not the candidate meets all of them. In such circumstances, HR faces a great deal of aggravation as they must sift through hundreds of applications, weed out the ones that are relevant to the job, and then select the best candidates for the job. Recruiters don't have to keep searching their addresses for something else because of the Candidate Tracking Program. The recruiting CRM collects resumes and shows candidate data in a way that allows for quick and easy comparisons.

Why should you invest in an Applicant
Tracking System?

The primary goal of an applicant tracking system (ATS) is to automate the entire recruitment process by tracking and arranging candidates in a single database. While different applicant tracking systems have distinct features, they all have the following in common.


Distribution of jobs

By posting your job to as many job sites as possible, you may expand your reach and increase your chances of finding the ideal candidate. Using your applicant tracking system, you may advertise your job on multiple job boards and track which applications come from which boards, allowing you to fine-tune your distribution strategy.


Store Resumes

When someone applies for a position at your company, their résumé is saved in your applicant tracking system. Even when the position is filled, the system keeps all of the applications it has received.This is useful if you need to hire more people or if you think the candidate might be a good fit for a different role. All applicants will be saved in the ATS, ensuring that you never lose track of a brilliant candidate.


Schedule interviews at Ease

You can quickly and easily message candidates using your Applicant Tracking System. You can use this tool to send whatever information you require, as well as to ask questions and set up interviews. Messaging candidates can be further assisted by using a recruitment chatbot to ask screening questions and answer their job-related questions.


Sharing on social media

Many applicant tracking systems are built with this in mind because social media may be a valuable tool during the recruitment process. With just one click, these solutions make it simple to share your job posting across several social media networks. This allows more potential applicants to see your job posting and apply straight from their desktop or mobile device.


Toolkits for Onboarding

It's time to start the onboarding process after you've chosen your new hire. Onboarding with an Applicant Tracking System can reduce the time it takes to hire and fill your available position.Many systems begin by welcoming new employees to the team, introducing them to the firm, and laying out expectations. You can provide new hires with access to reference pages that include employee benefit breakdowns and other critical information. The new hire can next complete the necessary documentation to ensure that they are prepared for their first day on the job.

Why choose Qandle as your Applicant
Tracking System?

Qandle is a feature-rich applicant tracking system that gives users everything they need to connect with top talent quickly. Here are the major features that will persuade you that we are the right fit for your applicant tracking system in order to engage your ideal candidates and increase your productivity as a recruiter.


Strong Candidate Search

Our recruiting software offers a robust candidate search feature that allows you to quickly find the candidates you need for standard or custom fields. We give you the option of adding filters to your searches, such as process, application, or area. You can also customize filters with qandle to match your company's specific needs.


Metrics and Dashboards

We provide you with straightforward analytics that are simple to personalize. Our spontaneous dashboards are critical in showcasing your current key metrics and assisting you in keeping track of trends such as time to hire or other obstacles by making the analytics visually usable at a look, allowing you to screen and overcome hiring delays.


Easy application process

Candidates should not have to jump through hoops in order to submit their application to you. Make sure that prospects may send you their information in any way they desire, whether it's by uploading a résumé, conveniently applying through LinkedIn, or even taking a picture of their resume with their phone. As a result, qandle was created to reduce discord between you and your preferred candidates while you're on the go.


Collaboration Tools for Hiring Managers:

We provide you tools to keep everyone up to date by allowing numerous internal parties to see the status of candidates. Our software's intelligence grades candidates automatically and predicts onboarding timelines. With our advanced ATS tracking features, you can efficiently arrange interviews.


Integrations for the Entire Recruiting Process

The applicant tracking system is usually only a component of your overall recruiting and hiring process. And so, our HR software connects your hiring data to the rest of your recruiting ecosystem, from background screening to HRIS. Our Built-in and customizable integrations decrease unnecessary data entry tasks and restructure your workflow.