Pre-joining orientation

Keep candidates engaged before joining

hr onboarding software
Pre-joining onboarding software

Seamless on-boarding

Facilitate paperless and fast boarding of new hires


Task management

Manage all joining related tasks seamlessly

new hire onboarding software
Seamless onboarding for employees


Seek all candidate documents digitally and store them in your secure vault


Post-joining orientation

Create and manage 30, 60, 90 day orientation schedules

new hiring onboarding Task management
onboarding documents software

Probation management

Review performance before confirming your new hires


Letters database

Maintain a database of different types of letters and trigger them effortlessly

Post-joining orientation

Client's speak

Employee Onboarding SoftwareWelcomes in the Best Talents

Onboarding is a larger extension of recruitment where the right talents are discovered through various means and assessments are done in order to welcome new hires. Onboarding is the sole duty of HR hence an HR onboarding software can go a long way into assisting and enhancing talent acquisition and even retention. With onboarding, a software can implement various tools for automation that can considerably make it convenient and less time consuming for acquiring new professionals.

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you.
It's really great how easy your software is to manage. I never have any problem at all. Thanks, guys! Rimakshi Chakraborty, Senior HR Manager, SilverPush

Why Qandle’sNew Hire Onboarding Software?

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Pre-joining Orientation

For mutual benefit of the company and new hires Qandle puts forward a pre-joining orientation programme whereby new hires are engaged with activities and ice-breaking sessions.

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Seamless Onboarding

Onboarding is completely paperless, leaving out hefty processes involved with approvals and documentation. It means approvals and filling forms are instantaneously done on mobile devices. This makes storage of such records very easy and efficient.

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Task Management

With Task Management Software that links with the employee onboarding platform, assigning tasks are accurate and convenient on both ends. In addition, employees attain a greater degree of visibility where managers are empowered with more responsible power at their disposal. This influences a gradual yet unstopping shift towards generating a transparent organization.

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You as an organization have access to all related employee documents within your fingertips with mobile app support and directly get into the information without much problematic gatekeeping.

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Post-joining Orientation

Post-joining orientation focuses on enhanced training and assistance in understanding work nature and objectives. This can be set in a 30, 60 or 90 day schedule.

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Probation Management

Probation management is nothing but letting your new hire onboarding software review candidate’s performance before confirming their recruitment. This performance review helps you identify your desirable candidate’s actual performance and leads you to better decision making.

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Letters Database

Hold an expansive library of different letters and trigger them effortlessly. This database rectifies issues concerning miscommunication and pushes towards open engagement.

More Reasons to Choose Qandle

All-In-One HR Platform

There are 36 apps for managing your HR needs, from payroll, attendance and tracking. It works as an employee onboarding software for small businesses by assisting the management with their various tools and constantly striving to become one of the best onboarding platform vendors.

Convenient Setup

Qandle is primarily focused on attaining easy user experience. It has an easy setup in 2 weeks with no installation process. When you want to switch, past data and company policies can be transferred within a few clicks.

Future Ready

Qandle provides you with its latest technologies and inclines on mobile system orientation with superior analytics for precise action calls to get the best customer response.

Active Payroll & Compliance

When it comes to payroll management, there are just no shortcomings. Qandle equips a full-service Payroll Software with active integration, that is error-free and compliant.

Bank Grade Security

Your data is to be dealt with high grade security and Qandle understands the assignment. With Qandle, end-to-end encryption is present for all transmitted data.

Fully Configurable

With an entirely configurable system, it sufficiently meets your company's tailored policies and unique processes.

Loved By Employees

Our product is loved by well over 550 clients consisting of managers and employees, all credits to its easy functionality and engagement strategies.

Affordable Pricing

The pricing is nominal compared to the number of functions that are made available. There are no lock-ins involved apart from our product and service quality.

Want To Learn More About Employee Onboarding Software?

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What AreEmployee Onboarding Tools?

A digital employee onboarding software poses a great solution to curb issues like time consumption and minimizing errors involved in onboarding. They employ various tools that could assist them in such actions. There are tools that encourage new hires to engage with the new work environment, and keep them tethered with activities. While some other tools are specifically designed to take the burden away from the HR through extensive automation.

What Are The Benefits of Having anHR Onboarding Software?

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The best employee onboarding software effectively tracks recruitment processes and performance of new employees, much more accurately than paper formats. Paper formats that are difficult to monitor and hamper productivity are avoided with onboarding software.

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Enhanced Goal-setting

Fresh arrivals to your workforce would mean instant set targets and objectives are required to direct them towards their contribution for the company. An onboarding software would provide options for setting goals for newly hired, on a weekly or monthly basis. Some even put forward a fresher's program where they are filled in about their targets which makes it easy for new hires to fit in with the organization quickly.

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An online onboarding software securely records and keeps account of employee performances and recruitment transactions. Unlike paper formats, digital records go through extensive levels of security to make sure they are not presented in the wrong hands. This raises an overall accountability for the company and it is easier for them to keep up with the demand.

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Easy Authorization

It is very easy for managers and employees to forward applications and grant authorization for activities because of remote access. This enables a wide work framework, spanning bigger than a normal 9 to 5, to do what is necessary timely and avoid unnecessary time consumption.

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Easy Feedback

While a major factor resisting the employees from speaking the truth might be the consequential actions that could be taken against their favour, an onboarding software enables anonymous feedback and different modules of feedback so that specific fields can be targeted for feedback.

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Custom Analytics

An onboarding software automates progress reports and tracks every individual work progress so that employees lost in the crowd can be helped to find their way back. Additionally, company goals can be administered through a focus driven analytic system that channels all collective efforts into measuring the progress of completion and give useful insights into what needs to be done for it to go all the way.

Welcome Your NewHires The Qandle Way!

As new talents climb abroad your company’s ever forward journey, what better way to nurture and train them along the process than presenting themselves with the wide ranging qualities of Qandle that assists them in their every endeavour. Get on a call with us today to see a truly capable employee onboarding software India can experience!

Frequently asked questions

An onboarding chatbot is an AI-powered virtual assistant that guides and assists new hires during their onboarding process. It provides information, answers questions, offers resources, and facilitates a seamless integration into the company, enhancing the overall onboarding experience.
The primary task of an onboarding chatbot is to guide and support new employees through their orientation. It provides information about company policies, procedures, benefits, and answers queries, helping newcomers feel informed, engaged, and empowered as they integrate into the organization.
AI is used in onboarding to enhance the process. AI-driven tools like chatbots provide real-time information and support to new hires, streamline paperwork, assist with training, and personalize the experience. This technology boosts efficiency, engagement, and a smoother transition for employees joining the organization.
Onboarding is used to welcome and integrate new employees into an organization. It ensures they understand company culture, policies, and job roles, fostering a positive start. Effective onboarding boosts employee satisfaction, reduces turnover, and sets the stage for long-term success within the company.
Chatbots are used in recruitment to engage with candidates, answer queries, and schedule interviews. They provide instant responses, gather applicant information, and pre-screen candidates, enhancing efficiency, improving candidate experience, and freeing up recruiters' time for more strategic tasks.
To create a chatbot for recruitment, follow these steps: 1. Define objectives and tasks. 2. Choose a chatbot platform. 3. Design conversational flow and responses. 4. Integrate with your recruitment system. 5. Test and refine. 6. Launch and continuously improve for seamless candidate engagement and support.