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What isOffer management software?

Offer management software is a dedicated tool that helps you to manage, create and distribute digital offer letters. It helps you simplify the different offer management processes like drafting an offer, hiring, etc. The software will assist you in creating different kinds of offer letters using templates, getting approval from the right people, ensuring the offers are distributed in time, etc.

How does Qandle'sOffer management platform work?

As you know, making a proper offer letter is a crucial part of the hiring process. Qandle helps you share offer letters more easily. The application simplifies the process and here's how the process works:

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Creating An Offer Letter Template

The first step is to create a unique offer letter to the respective candidate and position. It should include job title, salary details, joining date, candidate details, etc. Once an offer letter template is created, it can be saved and it can be used unlimited times. You can also create multiple offer templates and save them according to the job positions. After creating an offer letter, you can easily share it with the candidate via email.

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Getting Approval

Most of the offer letters will need approval from different authorities and managers before it goes to candidates. Offer management software allows you to send the offer to authorities easier and get approval. The managers can also approve multiple offer letters at the same time to speed up the process.

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Adding Digital Signatures

After getting approval from respective authorities, the offer letter has to be signed by the right persons. Since there's no traditional paperworks, manual signing can also be avoided. All the offer letters can be quickly signed using e-signatures. As already mentioned, digital signatures help you save time since multiple documents can be signed at the same time.

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Sharing The Offer

Once the offer letter is signed and approved, it is attached to the customised email and sent to the candidate. The candidates can also review the offer and accept it if they are impressed. You will also get notification if the candidate has accepted the offer and agreed to join your company.

Benefits of usingOffer management software

Take a look at the important benefits of employing a good offer management tool.

  • You will be able to complete the hiring process faster and retain top talents.
  • You can avoid the hurdles of managing heaps of paperworks and hire the best candidates quickly and efficiently.
  • Offer letter templates will help you save time, effort and reduce errors.
  • You can easily get approval from applicable authorities easily and quickly.
  • Offer management software helps you communicate better with candidates directly from the platform.
  • Authorities can easily approve your offer letters from anywhere from their mobile devices.
  • You can send and get approval for multiple offer letters at the same time.
  • Digital signature is safe, quick and efficient.
  • Digital signature is safe, quick and efficient.
  • Offer management software helps you store all the important documents in one place and access them at any time with ease.
  • The cost of creating and maintaining heaps of paperworks can be avoided.
  • Since everything is digital in offer management software, accuracy of the hiring process is improved by eliminating human errors.
  • Offer management software also improves the visibility of the hiring process by showing the exact progress in real-time.

Why choose Qandle as your Offer management software?

Following are the main reasons why should you choose Qandle's offer management solutions.

Unlimited Offer Letter Templates

Finding a perfect candidate is not easy. Even after you find one, you have to make sure he joins your company. The first impression of a candidate towards your company is an offer letter. Offer letter is an important part of the hiring process and it should include all the details about your company, job responsibilities, policies, etc. Creating a new offer letter every time is a time-consuming process. So, Qandle allows you to create offer letter templates once and reuse them easily. It will save you time, effort and reduce errors.

Go Paperless

Different kinds of paperworks are the biggest bottlenecks of the hiring process. Managing a huge set of multiple documents manually is a difficult task. That's why the usage of e-offer letters has increased to a huge extent. Qandle allows you to create offer letters digitally and send them to candidates with ease. It helps you save time, reduce errors and most importantly, enhance candidate experience.

Digital Signature

Getting all the relevant documents signed by different authorities is also a difficult task. So our offer letter software has introduced e-signature technology for quicker workflow and better security. It allows authorities to sign offer letters in batch mode for processing a large number of offer letters. It also speeds up the recruitment process and improves the accuracy.

Pre-offer Documents

After you send an offer letter to the candidate, the next step is to verify his documents and ensure that he's the right candidate for the position. You have to make sure his qualifications and certifications match the job responsibilities. Collecting documents from candidates and verifying them before joining is easier with Qandle.

Candidate Portal

Qandle's candidate portal will keep your prospective employees engaged. The portal allows candidates to apply for different jobs, submit their contact details, provide feedback, etc. Qandle also ensures that all this data is safe and secure. The candidate portal also helps you to find the best candidates faster.