Leave Tracking and Management in india Made Easy!

Unlimited Leave Types, Complex Accrual & Usage Policies and Simple Leave Application - Qandle Simplifies Leave Management in india !


Leave Types

Set up different leave types in india with different accrual/usage rules for different employees.



Intuitive and simple calendar view with integrated leaves.



Customize different holiday lists for different locations.



Get instant notifications for leave requests, approvals and deductions in india .

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For Leave Application and Management System in india

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Why Qandle Leave?

Leave Management and Tracking - Manage multiple leave types in india , complex accrual policies and usage rules & restrictions with ease!

What is Leave Management Software? - An employee leave management system is a software in india where employees can view their leave balance, apply for leaves and track request status effortlessly. It helps organizations assign different leave types to different employees, control how employees can use and report such leaves and maintain complete visibility over the leave status of all employees in one place. The software also allows for approval workflows as needed.


Leave Types

Set up different leave types with different accrual/usage rules for different employees in india .


Holiday Calendar

Create thoughtful holiday structures with Restricted Holiday settings.


Custom Approval Workflows

Set up workflows and auto notify requests and approval actions to relevant stakeholders


Calendar Notifications

See leaves, attendance, birthdays, anniversaries, and due dates all in one place at best Leave software in india


Fully Mobile

Apply, approve, track and manage leaves on mobile, all in a few clicks or using the AI-enabled chatbot!


Synced With Payroll

Impact of leaves and attendance automatically considered in payroll;

What else does Qandle offer?



Easily Record Attendance in india

Integrate with existing biometric or card swipe machines seamlessly.



Real time feedback

Provide and document regular feedback and updates on individual and team performances. in india



All-In-One best HRMS in india Platform

A single integrated platform covering every activity in an employee's lifecycle - from Recruitment to Exit.

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