Top-notch Qandle Leave Manage software and


Easy time-off booking for employees

With Qandle, you can track your vacation easily. For your employees, company, and HR needs, the vacation tracker and who's off the calendar provides a complete picture.


Increased visibility

With Qandle, you can instantly see who is on leave today, tomorrow, or in the future, increasing transparency and strengthening your workforce.


Proactively take action

Using Qandle, you can dive deep into data and identify trends and insights to make strategic and impactful decisions.


Customization capabilities

The software can be tailored to meet your organization's leave policies' unique needs. Our software allows you to manage complex approval workflows and specific accrual rules.


All-in-one dashboard

While applying for leave, employees can see their leave balance. It's good to have access to HR and immediate managers so that they have clarity while approval is given.


Apply for leaves on the go

With Qandle, employees can submit leave requests from their cloud-based management system on their mobile devices. Our software solution also enables HR managers to complete approvals on the go.


Management of sick leave

With Qandle leave management software, your organization can manage absences with a comprehensive solution, allowing you to track absences due to sickness and attach all the necessary documentation.


Attendance Summary

Using Qandle, you will be able to see your team's attendance for every month, or see the attendance for all employees for the year.

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Bringing together the most innovative employee leave management with Qandle Leave management

With Qandle, you can manage your employees and solve your HR challenges. Integrated HR software automates workforce processes, allowing you and your team to focus on business growth.

Our solution makes leave management easy whether you're a small business or a large corporation. With Qandle, you can transform your employee leave management process.

Let go of the days when email chains and paper forms were the norm. Using Qandle, employees can request time off in seconds, and supervisors can approve or deny them. With our automated approval workflows, leave requests are automatically routed to the pertinent manager. Confusion and bottlenecks are gone. Qandle will help you leave management stress behind.

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Managing employee Leave: Opening doors of productivity with Qandle leave management

Leave Management Software simplifies leave management, improves accuracy, and enhances employee satisfaction. Let Qandle leave management software and services eliminate the headache of managing leaves. Get the most out of Qandle and transform how you manage employee leaves. We're here to help you manage your leave effortlessly. Here is what Qandle employee leave management software brings to the table

Employees may become confused by paper forms and spreadsheets used to track holiday entitlements and leave. Using Qandle, you can request and approve leave in just a few clicks. Having group calendars and seeing how much time your employees have taken or are going to take gives you the visibility you need for resource planning and to keep operations running while your team members are away.

Letting employees handle their entitlements eliminates unnecessary manual processes, reduces errors, and saves time. Qandle self-service platform takes less than a minute to book a day off and check holiday entitlements. All holiday requests go straight to managers, who can approve them quickly.

Take control of employee data. Make employee HR records more secure by centralizing them. Say goodbye to piles of spreadsheets and hello to effortless employee management. Are you seeking important HR information about a particular employee? Get employee information that is complete, accurate, secure, and searchable in just a few clicks.

With Qandle, you can seamlessly integrate leave management software with HR, payroll, and other ERP modules. Our solution allows administrative staff to work with other departments more effectively and save time.
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Employee leave management is the management of all forms of leave in an organization. Annual leave, for example, refers to the number of days off employees are entitled to take each year.

With its intuitive user interface, Qandle software is easy to use both by employees and administrators. With our comprehensive training sessions, we'll ensure your HR team and employees are up-to-date. Keeping the transition smooth is our goal.

Customer support is available to answer any questions or resolve any issues. Whenever you need guidance or solutions, the Qandle support team is just a phone call or email away.

Qandle software allows you to comply with labor laws and regulations. Our system also provides tools for creating and enforcing personal leave policies, which help you stay in compliance.

There is no limit to the days your employees can take off, and you can assign them as many as you like.

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