Automate check-ins

Track the live location of your on field employees (employees need to switch on auto check-ins in their Qandle app)

Best Field Force Management Software
Field Force Tracking Software

Huge time savings

No manual check-in required. Save a lot of time for teams with automatic updating and tracking of locations on-the-go


Complete transparency to managers

Get detailed visibility of your field-force and their travel locations

Field Force Tracking Software for any organization
Field Force Tracking System Software

Alignment with beat plans

Assign beats and check compliance against the planned travel schedule


Live map interface

See live location of your field-force on maps for easy understanding and tracking


Client's speak

Enhance your productivity with our best field force management software

Track and monitor your employees on and off field using Qandle and improve the customer satisfaction with ease.

Qandle’s powerfulfield force management

These features prove that why Qandle have one of the most useful field force management system

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Work Order Management

This feature helps managers to utilize the available resources to its maximum. It allows you to track, manage and monitor the jobs assigned to executives. You can also view real-time location and travel history of on-field technicians. This system also improves the communication between managers and employees.

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Job Allocation

The field force management app automatically assigns the right job to the right technician. It is done by considering the factors like skill, availability, priority, etc. of the employees. It avoids the time loss and missed opportunities of employing manual allocation. This automatic job allocation reduces errors and improves accuracy.

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Since the supervisors get a comprehensive vision on the on-field operations, time scheduling becomes easier. The field force management software can automate the complete scheduling process. It also sends details and locations of jobs to executives after scheduling. It reduces confusion and improves productivity.

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Reports and Dashboards

Reports offer valuable insights to managers and supervisors to improve the efficiency of processes. They can also track the attendance of employees, team productivity and various expenses. Dashboards also provide a comprehensive view of what's happening at on and off field locations.

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Map Optimization

The field force management software also offers a comprehensive view of field maps along with routes. It helps you choose the fastest and safest route to reach the respective locations quickly. This innovative system avoids time loss and accidents. It also provides live tracking to monitor technicians and executives.

What is fieldforce management software?

Field force is an important factor of any business. It's really crucial to monitor the team's activities and make sure everything is running smoothly. It's impossible to go door to door and check if everything is fine. This manual checking will eat up your time, money and effort. So you should have a proper field force management software to manage the entire sales team from a single location. This software helps you track, monitor and give commands to your employees and technicians easily. This software keeps your sales unit efficient by providing timely updates and notifications to managers.

Benefits of fieldforce management software include

Here are some key benefits of having a well-designed field force management software

Complete Work Quickly

As already mentioned, the field force management tool helps you find the quickest and safest route between two locations. It will save a lot of time and fuel. It also allows technicians to reach their destinations and complete their work quickly. Also, since all the business information is stored in one place, it's easy for you to access the required information.

Low Operating Costs

Since all the operations are automated, the cost of managing paperworks can be saved. The costs of printing, scanning, and storing a lot of documents can be avoided since all the information can be safely stored digitally. Since the best routes are also shown by the software, travel expenses can also be reduced.

Remote Operation

As you can see, field force management software can be used from anywhere anytime. You and your technicians can even access this software in their mobile phones. It gives them more freedom and improves employee experience.

Better Engagement

Field force management software is a tool that holds technicians, customers and managers together. Since all the aspects of the project are stored in one location, technicians can easily access the relevant data in time. This helps them solve customer issues quickly and ensure they're satisfied. Happy clients always have a positive impact on any business.

Real-time Tracking

A field force management tool can track your technician's route in real-time and give you updates. The software can also display the locations of all your technicians to get a clear vision of work flow. You can also interact with technicians and guide them to the right location with ease.

Why should you chooseQandle as your field force management software?

If you're looking for a comprehensive field force management solution, don't look beyond Qandle. These points will prove why Qandle is the best field force management software in India.

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Automate Check-ins

Qandle allows you to track and follow the live location of your on-field employees from anywhere. All the employees have to turn on the auto check-in feature in their Qandle app. It allows you to monitor the processes thoroughly and keep in touch with employees.

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Save Time

You can save a lot of time since there's no need for manual check-in. The locations of all your employees are automatically tracked and updated for easy work flow. You don't have to ask each employee about the work progression or their current location. Everything you need is displayed on the dashboards and updated consistently.

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Better Clarity

Qandle provides a detailed vision of your field force and their travel locations. You can monitor and follow all the operations from a single location. This allows you to make strategic decisions, set targets and achieve goals more easily.

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Alignment with Beat Plans

Qandle enables you to plan and schedule your travelling process with ease. This field force management system will help you choose the best routes, destinations and frequency. It helps you stay close to your beat plan and make you reach your target more effectively.

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Real-time Map Interface

As mentioned above, you can utilize Qandle's live map interface to see and track the live locations of your field force.