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Experience a robust application tracking software designed to increase recruiters productivity,enhance candidate's experience and build a winning hiring culture in india !


Customized Career Page

Create your own career page, post on job boards, social media and seek referrals.


Customized Email Templates

Represent your brand with customizable email templates.


Hiring Team Collaboration

Seamlessly collaborate with hiring teams: shared application review, and job and offer approvals.


Candidate ScoreCard and Reports

Decide on a scorecard of key attributes for a candidate’s success, Visual and intuitive reporting for manpower planning and retention

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Why Qandle Recruitment?

Application Tracking System - Create job requisitions, schedule interviews, collect candidate feedback, welcome new hires and streamline your hiring practices with insightful analytics in india !

What is an Applicant Tracking System?Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that assists in the recruitment process by selecting only the best-suited resumes from among thousands which companies receive for a specific position. An applicant information system does not analyze your resume different from the Recruiters as both of them are simply looking for specific criteria required for the job. Basically HR people look for grounds of rejection like lack of relevant skills, spelling errors but on the other hand, applicant tracking software operates by searching some specific keywords in your resume. Application tracking system or ATS solutions in india are a big hit with established companies, corporate and MNCs who have to work on the continuous engagement of the labor force. So, what exactly is this software all about? Ideally used by hiring agencies/companies and HR Departments, Applicant tracking software is most suited to track job requirements/opportunities that arise; stores resumes; candidate information and contact details and has all the relevant database saved up for future reference. Basically, recruitment software are the electronic version of our entire hiring process.


Custom career site

Build your own careers site with zero coding


Hiring planning

Provide custom hiring criteria for each job and interview process.


Applicant tracking

Powerful and intuitive dashboards to track and manage progress.


Simplified interviewing

Hassle-free scheduling and streamlined interview process.


Submit scorecards

Provide scorecard to interviewers and view assessments reports.


Advanced analytics

Visual and intuitive reporting for better manpower planning and retention.

What else does Qandle offer?



Easily Record Attendance in india

Integrate with existing biometric or card swipe machines seamlessly.



All-In-One best HRMS in india Platform

A single integrated platform covering every activity in an employee's lifecycle - from Recruitment to Exit.



Record Work from Home in india

Record Employees work from home productivity seamlessly.

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  • India is a country known for its rich culture and heritage.India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. India is now developing a global hub for Manufacturing, IT and Consulting Sectors. India is also coming up as the SaaS software capital of the world being the origin of many global SaaS organizations. Qandle being an HRMS,HR SaaS company, is also trying to add to this list of global SaaS organizations from India

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