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Take a look at some of the basic features that every recruitment management system should have

Applicant Tracking System

Candidate tracking system allows you to accumulate personal details of the candidates, organise prospects based on their skills, search and filter resumes. This system stores and evaluates the resume data automatically. It filters the matching candidates based on the employer's specifications. It also sends important notifications to candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Career Site Management

As you know, the first impression is the best impression. A better candidate experience can be created if you have a productive, attractive career site. It allows them to apply easier and have an amazing impression about the company. You can also prepare a structured hiring process by including the right screening questions that will save time while evaluating the candidates later.

Candidate Sourcing

This feature helps you identify, research and connect with the right, talented candidates. It is an AI based algorithm that finds the suitable candidates for the open positions. You can also run email campaigns to find the right talent and market your brand. Visibility of your job posting will increase if you source from multiple channels.

Interview Management

You can easily schedule virtual interviews using this feature of the candidate management system. It eliminates the timing confusions by enabling you to choose the interview date and time according to the availability of candidates. It also maintains a scorecard to evaluate the interview performance of the candidates. You can also create customised offer letters and add attachments. You also use the in-built digital signature for quick operations.


The candidate management system sends automated alerts to candidates to complete the onboarding process. You easily build new hires with an intuitive dashboard and built-in templates. All the new candidate information can be quickly stored digitally in a secure vault. It also helps you conduct orientation and review candidate skills using the probation management system.

What is arecruitment management system?

A recruitment management system is a combination of tools that help your organisation's hiring process. It automates and simplifies multiple jobs like job posting, interview scheduling, managing candidate details, etc. This software can easily integrate with your existing technologies and applications by making the process more productive. The recruitment management software also helps you hire the right talent making it a worthy investment for your business.

Why choose Qandle as yourrecruitment management software?

Qandle offers many unique, useful features that help you simplify your hiring process.


Qandle allows you to strategize hiring by offering custom specifications for each job and interview. You can also find candidates by sharing the job link on various job sites and social media. You can also post jobs internally to provide opportunities to existing employees. The recruitment management software also offers hassle free scheduling and a smooth interview process.

Careers Site

Qandle allows you to create your own careers site with no coding. You can also add video and audio contents to exhibit your unique work culture. The site is completely configurable to your company requirements.

Applicant Tracking System

Qandle offers innovative, powerful dashboards to monitor and follow hiring processes. You can easily import the candidate resumes with a few clicks. The candidate screening feature helps you shortlist the right candidates based on their skills. Qandle also offers an interview scheduler, candidate pipeline, etc for advanced operations.

Offer Management

Qandle allows you to go completely paperless using unlimited offer templates. As mentioned above, you can utilize digital signatures to make a professional impression among the new candidates. You can easily gather relevant documents from candidates and verify them before publishing offers. The branded candidate portal is also offered by Qandle to keep your employees engaged.

New Hire Onboarding

Qandle allows you to keep your candidates engaged before joining using pre-joining orientation. You can easily manage all hiring tasks with our paperless and fast boarding of new candidates.

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Recruitment Management System:Automating the Hiring Process

Recruitment management system, often known as RMS, are all-encompassing software packages that may be used for handling the whole recruitment process, beginning with the advertising of open positions and ending with the selection of candidates. They are particularly helpful for businesses that need to rapidly and effectively find new personnel to fill open positions.

What Does an Recruitment Management System Do?

Recruiters may better manage their hiring operations with the assistance of an RMS. It often offers tools that businesses may use to locate, entice, and recruit prospective employees. It is possible that it will also incorporate functions such as job advertisements, the monitoring of applicants, background checks, and onboarding.

The recruiting process should be streamlined and made more effective as one of the primary goals of an RMS (Recruitment Management System). An RMS, for instance, may be used to automatically allocate candidates to recruiters, make bespoke job listings, accept applications, and manage the complete recruiting process in place of manually monitoring applicants.


In summing up, recruiting management systems provide businesses with a variety of opportunities for improvement. Employers may save time and money by automating key aspects of the applicant screening and hiring process. In addition to this, an RMS may assist in the tracking of applications and simplify the onboarding process for new workers. A Recruitment Management System can be the answer you're searching for if you want to improve the efficiency of your company's hiring procedures and cut down on time spent recruiting new employees.

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