Voice of employees

Get a hold of the organization’s pulse with polls and surveys

Employee Survey Software for Organization
The Best Employee Feedback Software

Anonymize at will

Want the brutal truth? Anonymize the responses so that employees express themselves openly without the fear of retaliation


New hire feedback

Take feedback from your new hires and understand how their early days could be made more productive

Best Employee Engagement Software
Real-time feedback & employee feedback software

Engagement tool

Use polls and surveys as an engagement tool by asking fun preference questions, e.g. Friends or Big Bang Theory?



Indecisive about which tagline to use, or which offer to run? Take a poll and know what your employees’ want

Best Employee Survey Software

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How Does Qandle Bring Forth theirEmployee Review Software?

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Voice of Employees

A wide and large employee review platform provides the limelight for getting the organization’s pulse using polls and surveys.

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Anonymize at Will

Often what lurks within the organization are secret barriers and strings that prevent the employee from speaking out the truth. Qandle assures anonymity whereby employees can speak the absolute truth anonymously so that the fear of retaliation is removed.

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New Hire Feedback

Fresh hires are a rejuvenation for the company. It is important to learn to steer that freshness on to their work and maybe even drive it towards the rest of the workforce. Take the opinions of new hires through your employee feedback program and work out how their early days can be utilized more productively.

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Engagement Tool

Use your polls and surveys as an engagement tool that gets your employees more open and closer. Ask away preferences like Friends or Big Bang Theory?

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At some work roadblocks, like which tagline to use, or what theme to use, why not ask your employees? Effectively runs polls to take employee’s opinion for better decision making.

What are some moreFeatures from Qandle?

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Employee Compensation

It includes employee self services which cultivates better transparency regarding handling documents like PF/ESI statements, Form 16 and other pay and tax slips. Other features include salary revisions and automatic generation of employee forms.

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Statutory Compliances

With a payroll app for small business, your business goes in accordance with regularly updated compliances, and track submissions and reconcile challans with ease. You can view and download payroll registers, access various statutory reports, and TDS returns and provident funds.

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Goals & OKRs

For exemplary business growth, you need to have regular reality checks of where your business strives to reach. By setting OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), Qandle helps you design a blueprint that is conducive towards your company’s long running success.

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One thing that I really liked after we started using Qandle is that we have started onboarding candidates digitally. It is cost-effective and environment- friendly as we are using the paperless methodology to onboard candidates. It is very easy to onboard people as we can access all the forms on Qandle. Priyanka Sharma, Senior Executive, Human Resources, DJT Retailers Pvt. Ltd

What isEmployee Feedback Software?

An Employee Feedback Software is a composition of various performance feedback tools. With these employee review tools, you enhance the accountability in real-time for all aspects concerning employee feedback. A consistent platform for feedback lets employees share their suggestions, opinion, vent and give insights that cultivates an openly communicated work environment. This clears the air for any possible miscommunication between employees and management and also maintains employee welfare.

What are the Components ofEmployee Engagement Software?

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Employee Relevance

Employees are essentially the pillar of growth and success of a company. Hence, an employee is relevant to business. The task managed by employee feedback surveys is that their concerns and suggestions are heard so that they feel relevant in the organization.

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Employee Engagement

Contented employees tend to drive better work in terms of productivity and quality and also boosts their growth. How engagement is possible is through such polls and surveys that breaks the ice between them and the management.

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Employee Retention

Why would employees want to stay at their job? While money is one of the biggest reasons, it isn’t the only, and for some, it isn’t even the biggest. Employees want to feel heard, satisfied in terms of being validated. Employee retention stems from employee welfare and satisfaction, and how we judge and spike that has been through polls and surveys all along.

Some Advantages of having anEmployee Feedback App in your Organization?

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For Managers

Concerning managers, they can scout potential employees and cultivate better opportunities for growth in them. Additionally, they can record such progress in a central location, which facilitates them to reference previous reviews to make better changes in the future.

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For Employees

Employees can focus on their career growth. They can easily send in feedback and stay anonymous. Their consistent output can also lead to self reflection in terms of development and growth.

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For Business

Through some employee feedback examples, businesses can encourage a culture of deriving feedback that can be used for evaluations and changes. This also aligns the organization and discovers opportunities to turn feedback into actions.