Bottom-up innovation

Seek suggestions from employees on key issues and offer rewards for the best solutions

Employee Suggestion Box Software
A suggestion box encourages and helps your employees submit suggestions

Problem solve

Solve specific business problems faced by any team with collective wisdom of all your employees


Holistic thinking

Develop the holistic thinking capabilities of your employees by allowing them to problem solve for issues arising in other departments and areas

The Best Employee Suggestion Box Software
Top Workplace Suggestion Box for your Employees


Encourage cross functional collaboration and ensure employees understand the roles of other teams in the organization



Reduce the stress of work and keep employees engaged while they generate new ideas and solve pressing problems

You Should Have a Workplace Suggestion Box

Client's speak

One thing that I really liked after we started using Qandle is that we have started onboarding candidates digitally. It is cost-effective and environment- friendly as we are using the paperless methodology to onboard candidates. It is very easy to onboard people as we can access all the forms on Qandle. Priyanka Sharma, Senior Executive, Human Resources, DJT Retailers Pvt. Ltd