Company wide knowledge base

Create a central knowledge base across the company with all policies and other important documents for all relevant stakeholders

Company Knowledge Base Software
Easy to use Knowledge Base Software

Shared repository

Create and maintain centralized shared repository for all company documents and knowledge resources


Read receipts and acknowledgements

Enable read receipts with a click and get to know who have read the documents

Time-saving Knowledge Base Software
Knowledge Base Software System

Relevance filters

Define relevance filters to restrict access to certain documents and ensure only select employees can view those


Document Folders

Create folders and group together related documents for easy access and search

Advanced Knowledge Base Software

Client's speak

Why should you choose Qandle'sKnowledge Management Software?

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Qandle's Knowledge base software is used for an internal knowledge base to support staff and provide crucial information. Software knowledge benefits the organisation by providing access to the shared information repository. Also, it helps the customers to maintain their independence and find a solution to their issues by themselves, first before seeking help from others.

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Support Volume

Qandle's Knowledge management apps help organisations shift the focus and prioritise the higher impact and more fulfilling activities than the lower volume in the inbox. Software knowledge provides additional resources to support the team for customers and operates 24/7 to help the customer service team.

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Learning Styles

Qandle's Knowledge Management Software supports knowledge bases to support different learning styles. Knowledge management apps present information in text, annotated images, video, audio, or any other media format for the customers to absorb. In addition, the best knowledge base software provides contextual knowledge and delivers the correct information with the right keyword.

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Generate Insights

Qandle's Knowledge Management Software selects a knowledge base tool that helps generate reports and understand the trends of the customers. The software knowledge helps to create insights based on the search. In addition, it helps to improve the knowledge base content. The best knowledge base software prompts the search results and boosts the SEO, which allows the organisation to acquire new customers.

More features that make us the bestKnowledge Base Software

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Data Repository

Qandle's Knowledge management system helps the organisation transform how they manage and track employee records and organisation policies. Open-source knowledge base software helps register, access, and search all employee records and data with ease and maintain a central repository. In addition, knowledge base tools have secured digital storage space on the cloud for all your employees' records and helped the organisation go paperless.

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Documents and Letters

Qandle's Enterprise knowledge management software is a fully-functional documentation software to manage eLetters and eSignatures in one place. It helps to track all employee documents and letters in one place and check if the documents uploaded by new hires are as per standards and approve them. In addition, best knowledge base software defines rules for papers and letters access based on needs, job roles, and responsibilities.

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Asset Management

Qanlde's Asset Management Software helps the organisation to manage & track employees' assets with ease. The system helps to build rules for allocating assets for different employee groups, maintain the history and track inventory of all purchases from procurement to retirement, ensure hassle-free allocation, exchange, returns, and assigning of assets, post damage liability to employees for theft or negligence, and search assets easily using asset specific custom-defined attributes.

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What areKnowledge Base Tools?

Knowledge Management Software is a database used by the organisation for knowledge sharing and management. Open-source knowledge base software enhances the customers and their teams with the most detailed information about the product or services. Knowledge Base Software is a set of tools and a published document collection that allows organisations to collect, store, and share company-specific information centrally. This Knowledge base tool enhances the organisation to answer all common or frequently asked questions. In addition, a knowledge base platform makes the employee's life easy by providing solutions to their problems without seeking help from anyone and assisting in troubleshooting.

Enterprise knowledge management software encompasses many forms of content to provide information to the employees. For example, does it include content like Frequently asked questions, Step-by-step process guides, Introductory articles, Video demonstrations, Glossaries, and definition lists that provide solutions to daily issues like How to change passwords? How much will the cost be to use? Why is the file not uploaded? And so on.

What are the components of aKnowledge Base Management System?

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Super-Fast Knowledge Base

Open source knowledge base software resolves the long waiting time and provides selective deliverables required for the existing customer base. In today's first moving world, customers have no time to wait for the page to load, and thus they abandon and move on. Software knowledge is used globally and delivers content closer to where the customer is located.

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Search Engine

The essential part of the best knowledge base software is that it has a good search engine and provides a knowledge base that instantly delivers the customer's answers. The knowledge base software provides the top-class search capability to their customers for the relevant content. In addition, it offers solutions to most customers who are just a little lazy to type the correct words.

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User Feedback and Analytics

Knowledge Base Software manages the documentation in one place that must be constantly updated and edited. The knowledge base platform allows the customer to ask the customers questions and feed the system with the data and the information to make it comprehensive and maintain the updated version.

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Clean User Experience

Knowledge management apps provide customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) hand in hand to reduce the churn rate. The best knowledge base software helps load the pages quickly and makes the customers search effectively with logical and easy answers to resolve the issue.

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Uncompromised Authoring

Knowledge base tools provide an uncompromised authoring experience, allowing the organisations to add more documentation quicker and easier. Enterprise knowledge management software also comes with an uncomplicated text editor and an easy way to add graphics.

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Enterprise-Grade Backup

Knowledge Management Software protects the organisation from losing its documentation by providing enterprise-grade backup facilities. Open-source knowledge base software provides the capabilities to restore and reverse the documentation when and where needed. As a result, it overcomes the risk of human error and system error.