eLetters database

Maintain a database of different types of letters and trigger them effortlessly



Create your digital signatures on Qandle and sign letters or documents easily


Truly paperless

Remove the need for paper based documentation & physical signatures with e-letters and e-signatures


Everything at one place

Track all employee documents and letters at one place


Approve new hire documents

Check if the documents uploaded by new hires are as per standards and approve them


Intelligent access rules

Define rules for documents and letters access based on needs, job roles, and responsibilities

Client's speak

I would like to thank Qandle to change the way we look at the Performance Management System, even though we are in the industry for more than 15 years. Now we can use the right platform for our people to measure performance. Great job, thank you. Kiruthika Prasadh, Senior HR Manager, Prochant

Document management system

Increase workforce efficiency with excellent document management

Qandle is a reliable document management system or DMS. A document management system is essentially software that aids in storing, managing, and keeping a track of electronic documents. Besides, it also assists in the safe storage of electronic images taken with the document scanner.

If you are on the lookout for the best document management system, you can opt for Qandle. It is an excellent document management solution that makes the entire documentation process easy for your business. Now, you can attain a high efficiency rate without investing a massive amount. Controlling document flow and having information at your fingertips are the most significant advantages of Qandle.



Leverage the different features of Qandle

Qandle is one of the leading document management systems in the market. It integrates document management, search functionality, and other aspects. Besides, the software is easy to use and enhances the workforce with improved productivity. The presence of a wide array of administration tools enables users to access the system with ease.


Understanding DMS

DMS is an excellent automated software that handles the overall management of different business files. With DMS, businesses can get actional insights derived from the content. There are various features available that make DMS a compelling solution for enterprises.
The conversion of large-scale documents to the digital mode is not an easy task. However, business tends to make that investment in order to streamline the workflows and improve work productivity. Without a doubt, using DMS is a great business move.


Benefits of the Document management system

There are multiple advantages that you can gain from using a reliable Document management system. In that case, using Qandle is an excellent idea. Take a look at some of the benefits listed here


Enhances work productivity

In the corporate world, time is considered as valuable as money. Wasting time can lead to tremendous losses for your business. That is why using DMS can prove to be beneficial. Swift document retrieval increases the morale of the employee. It, in turn, plays a significant role in improving client satisfaction. Ultimately, you will witness an increment in work productivity considerably.


Improves collaboration

What if you need a document immediately and cannot find it? That is a serious issue and can lead to a waste of time. DMS offers swift access to content and enhanced collaboration. Here, you can gain access to documents that have been stored from different sources. These can be viewed from various locations without much hassle.
With electronic imaging, there is no need to worry about wasting time anymore. The process is easy and doesn't take too much time. With DMS, businesses can attain better visibility and improve monitoring of the workflow.


Provides more security

Security is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to document management. The large volume of sensitive data present in the office needs to be protected. With DMS, you can attain better security and offer protection to these sensitive documents.
Moreover, you can also control the authorization of the documents to different employees based on their job positions. Anyone not qualified to access the documents won't get the authorization to view them.
DMS also offers a reliable audit trail that details the number of times a document has been viewed, who accessed it, when the access took place, and if any modifications occurred. The traceable nature of DMS makes it even more appealing to business organizations.


Decreases storage space

Can you imagine the amount of money you will need to invest in order to store stacks of official documents? The rising costs of commercial properties are another indication that it is time to go for the digital route. To combat that, using a DMS is the best solution.
Now, you don't need to worry about storage spaces and file cabinets. You can free valuable space in your office. The essential documents that need hard copies can be kept in these precious locations. That way, reducing storage space becomes easy and hassle-free.