Quiet Quitting

Is Quiet Quitting Becoming More Common in the Workplace?

Have you ever heard of the term “quiet quitting”? If not, you’re about to become familiar with a concept that’s increasingly relevant in today’s workplace. Quiet quitting refers to employees disengaging from their jobs without officially resigning. Instead of walking out the door, they mentally check out, doing the bare minimum required to stay employed. … Read more

Employee Final settlement

How to Deal with Employee Full and Final Settlement?

Full and final settlement, or FnF settlement, is the procedure that must be followed when an employee resigns or is let go from their position. This FnF agreement is often handled by the company’s HR department. The process is straightforward and just since it adheres to the terms of the employee’s appointment agreement. What is … Read more

Blog Full n final settlement

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Full and Final Settlement Letter Format

Full and final settlements (also referred to as ‘partial settlements’ or ‘short settlements’) are once you offer your creditors a payment of cash which is a smaller amount than the entirety of what you owe. They accept this amount as you are clearing your debts and comply with writing off the remainder of the debt. … Read more