Employee Onboarding Process of Any Company

Well, many people have the perception considering that onboarding is a mere cakewalk, as compared to the bulky task of hiring and managing recruitment drives all over the nation hunting down the top talents. Although, the latter is unquestionably one of the most critical aspects of cruising a business. Let’s see how massively important is … Read more

Effective Employee Onboarding Process In Hr

10 Key Steps for a Successful Employee Onboarding Process in HR

The first day of your new work within a new organization is usually structured around introducing employees to the new work environment and company beliefs and fundamental culture. Additionally, you are usually asked to fill in the long list of human resources forms as new employees are asked to fill them very occasionally, in order … Read more


How to Onboard New Employees Remotely?

74% of employees believe that flexible working is the new normal. 49% of employees wish working from home would be a permanent change post-pandemic. 90% of employees say more flexible arrangements would increase morale. Working in a different location than the company’s office and having the freedom to choose their own work environment has been … Read more

Effective Employee Onboarding 101 by Nick Fury

Directory Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D might just have cracked the code to the most effective employee onboarding processes. From managing contrasting and difficult personalities such as the flamboyant Tony Stark and Thor (who’s literally a god), to ensuring that a new hire who might be facing difficulties adjusting to their new surroundings is taken care of … Read more