The Need of Change Management in Shaping Remote Work Policies

A systematic strategy for dealing with the shift or transformation of corporate goals, fundamental values, procedures, or technology is known as change management. Every organizational change management endeavor has the goal of successfully implementing techniques and tactics for bringing about change and assisting people in accepting and adapting to it. Change management and change communication … Read more

Impact of Work from Home on the Productivity of Workers

Working from home has been increasingly common, particularly with the outbreak of COVID-19. Is it true, however, that work from home boosts productivity? The perception that working from home boosts productivity is one of the most intriguing justifications for enabling employees to work from home. In other words, employees will be able to do more … Read more

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The Future of Hybrid Working

After the advent of Covid-19, most companies had to transform their offices into remote work setups. The employers were forced to find ways to make hybrid working possible and keep their workers working creatively during the pandemic. It is true that hybrid working or working from home has its limitations, for example, lack of communication … Read more


Difficulties in Coping with the Sudden Transition to Remote Work? Continue Reading

These are testing times, and unfortunately for organizations, it is only going to be increasingly more complex as more countries move to shield set up necessities and impose limitations identified with the COVID-19 emergency. This isn’t the time to “keep doing the same old”. Remote working is not a luxury or a lifestyle choice anymore, … Read more

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Maximize Your Remote Team’s Productivity with These Simple Tips

13TH APR 2020 “How can managers ensure the productivity of their teams when working from home?” It’s a rather tricky question, and there are definitely no one-size-fits-all answers. This question is all the more important to answer right now because a lot of managers, many having had no prior experience in managing remote teams, have been … Read more